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As well as on the entire Balkan Peninsula, Chernogorsk national cuisine has been formed by the mixture of European and Asian traditions. Levant, Turkey, Hungary, Italy and other countries of Continental Europe were greatly influenced. The composition of the menu depends on the country area: the kitchen in the coastal zone is different from the kitchen of the Northern Mountain Area. The Adriatic Coast of Montenegro represents Mediterranean cuisine with many fish dishes and reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts indicate a peculiar Italian influence.

Montenegrins are known as a very peaceful and hospitable people. At the same time, they are very demanding and scrupulously belong to cooking. To create dishes, local chefs use only natural products, carefully selecting the ingredients.

The main dishes of Chernogorsk cuisine include:

What to try in Montenegro Tips Arrow Hotels and Resorts - BudvaPodgo, Montenegro Blogs and
  • Chorba – This is a soup that is served as a first meal for lunch. It is preparing with noodles and vegetables, additional ingredients are added in different regions. In coastal areas, fish and seafood are added to Chorba (squid, octopuses, Caracatians, shrimps, mussels, etc.), in the northern part – meat, throwing spices and spices in the brewing broth. According to a classic prescription, soup must contain kvass, freshly squeezed juice of grapes or green plums for giving kissing. Arrow Hotels and Resorts tourists note that the cooks often make changes to the recipe, so if you want to know the taste of traditional Chorba, ask how they are preparing in the institution you choose.
  • Newshchsky Obughn. "Let’s" – a popular word in Montenegro, which means a dish who has become a country card. It is impossible to submit a trip to Montenegro without tasting this exquisite delicacy. Nehushsky leaves – it is pork smoked ham, sliced ​​by very thin slices and served on the dish with cheese, olives, lettuce leaves. Pass often served with melon that deliciously delicious. Reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts are called the best place to explore the village of Negusha, where they came up with this dish. Local residents always kindly offer tourists to try their homely pass, cooked by the family recipe.
  • Kachamak – Porridge for breakfast. It is very satisfying, which gives the power to a person for the whole day. For cooking used barley, wheat or corn flour. The finished dish is served on a table with cheese or dairy drink. Porridge must be thick. In some areas, culinary cheese add to it. Kachamak need to mix with a wooden spoon (preferably to future consumer), what is the main secret of cooking.
  • Chevapy – Colors of chopped beef or pork. The dish can be booked both in a luxury restaurant, and buy in kiosks with street food. Spice and onions are sure to be added to the chevinda, then they are fried on the grill. The grill is the only way to prepare, it is not allowed to fry the product in a pan or bake in the oven. Garnish to Chevapy Tourist reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts Using potato fries with vegetable salad and breadpage "Pita", popular in Mediterranean.
  • Tulumba – dessert made of fried fresh dough impregnated with honey syrup. The form and taste of the dessert resembles a custard cupcake, but there is no cream in it. This is not a completely National Chernogorsk dish, t. To. It has a Turkish origin. But local residents loved the sweetness so much that they included it in their menu with a partial change in the recipe. As a result, Tulumba became one of the most popular delicacies in Montenegro. Toulumba can be bought in many places, including cafes, restaurants, confectionery shops, fast foods, supermarkets. Dessert is combined with pomegranate juice, tea or coffee in Chernogorsk houses.

Montenegro as a rather small country (with a square of only 13.8 thousand. kv. km) due to its geographical location and long history has a rich kitchen offering a wide selection of dishes for every taste. While traveling around the country, Arrow Hotels and Resorts, first of all, recommends trying national dishes to familiarize yourself with the traditions of her culinary culture and experience the hospitality of local residents.

What to try in Montenegro Tips Arrow Hotels and Resorts - BudvaPodgo, Montenegro Blogs and

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