What to see in Turkey, except Istanbul and the sea

In yesterday’s email newsletter, we have repeatedly mentioned Turkey. The context was such that people go there to the sea from year to year on the same resort. But there are many other interesting places!

One of our readers kindly reminded what else to see in this country, and we found information and developed his thought. Therefore, if Turkey is in your list for this summer, here is the list of places to be trained your All Inclusive.


At one moment the place was wildly popular. It is clear, nature here tried to fame: caves, underground cities, mountains look like slides of melting oil. And, of course, walks in a balloon. Although they are arranged all year round, but it is best to make it from April to October – so less likely that you find frost or shower.

Air tours are different in the program and cost. But it all happens more often: the bus arrives at you and takes the place near the village of Görta. There you are loading in a basket of a balloon that accommodates up to 25 people and fly. After the excursion you give you a certificate of aeronautics and pour champagne. The pleasure is not cheap: the flight costs from 120 euros per person.

How to get: From Istanbul or Ankara (closer) to reach Nevsehir by bus in about 12 hours. You can also with an airplane, it’s more convenient.


Another famous place. White reservoirs with bluish water – these are thermal springs with water temperature from 35 to 100 degrees. But it is impossible to swim in them, just watch and gently touch. The shill of bathing suits is held in another source called "Cleopatra Pool".

How to get: The nearest airport in Denizli, from there you have free shuttles. There is another option to get from Izmir, but the road will take hours 4.

Ancient Ephesus

Love ruins? Then go to the ancient Ephesus. He was very loved by the goddess of Artemis, there he was in honor of her and erected the temple from which the ruins are now alone.

And also near the house of the Virgin Mary, in the garden of which is a wall of desires. Here is a Challenge: get to the place, make a cherished desire and hang a white ribbon on the wall to come true.

What to see in Turkey, except Istanbul and the sea

How to get: The city is located 4 km from Selgoku, where the bus is driving from the Izmir bus station. In the way you will spend a couple of hours. From the villagers you can go on foot, and you can transfer to the minibus (Dolmush) and drive 5-7 minutes before the cashier in Ephesus.

Lake Van

And how do you feel about salty lakes? In the extreme east of Turkey, near the border with Iran, the largest lake in the world. There are two more extinct volcanoes Nerrud and Suphan. In this lake, so many different salts and substances that sometimes erased things in it! You can wash too, even without a shower gel – enough detergent in water. But this does not mean that the lake is dirty and soap – consider that it is a water with useful minerals.

And another scientific community says that the monster lives in the lake. History looks like a fairy tale about Loch Nesky Crank. Supposedly at the monster in the lake van also a long neck and so on. You can even order a special tour to try happiness and see how the monster looks out of the water at sunset.

How to get: To begin with, you need to get into the same city, even your airport in it! There are direct flights from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. It is possible by train directly from Cappadocia, but it will be longer.

This is not all interesting places of Turkey, but there is enough vacation.

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What to see in Turkey, except Istanbul and the sea

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