What to see in Tallinn for 3 days

Tallinn – the capital of Estonia, one of the unique cities in Europe, known for its rich historical cultural heritage. Architecture and atmosphere of those times constantly attract the attention of tourists.

The sights are worth noting Old city, Well-preserved from the Middle Ages. Initially, he shared on the lower, where artisans lived, and the top, in which there were castles and architectural structures of the highest layers of society. The city is surrounded by a wall with numerous towers, there are viewing platforms from which you can admire view from a bird’s-eye view.

Unusual impression produces Kick-In-de-Kek with their secret underground strokes and towers where museums are located.

The most beautiful areas of the world entered Town Hall Square. Little cozy houses with tiled roofs, roads lined with a paving, create an energy-unforgettable atmosphere. One of the attractions of Square – The oldest in the world currently operating the Town Hall Pharmacy. In ancient times, here it was possible to purchase various colors from all diseases. It is in this pharmacy in the hope of inventing the remedy for the mental illness of one submaster invented the recipe for all the favorite marzipan, which today is one of the symbols of Tallinn. Another of the recognizable characters of Tallinn – Town Hall with waterproofs in the form of dragon heads and vane – the figure of the old Tomasa.

In the old town it is worth a visit Church of Olevista, until the 17th century, she was considered the highest church. From the observation deck of the church overlooking the entire Tallinn. Near the church is the grave of the famous Master Olaf, which built the church.

Listen to organ music can be in Church Nigulista, named after St. Nicholas. It stores many famous works of art, among which are particularly valuable – the picture of the "Dance of Death".

What to see in Tallinn for 3 days

On the Tompea Hill towers a majestic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, funds for the construction of which were collected from the whole our Empire. Cathedral is considered one of the beautiful churches of the Baltic.

Huge Tompea Castle in the upper city can not be ignored. The wealth of the castle – the high tower "Long Herman". Despite the fact that the Castle meets the parliament, the entrance for tourists is always open. Near the castle there is a picturesque Lindamy Park With a monument to the very Linde, which, according to legend, every month wore boulders to the tombstone of her beloved and once, crouching to rest, herself turned into a stone. So the Hill Tompea.

See the works of local artisans and drink a cup of aromatic coffee in Alley of Saint Catarina. Here are the workshops on the modeling of clay, blowing out of glass, hats of masters, artists.

This is just a small part of the medieval splendor, with whom you can get acquainted in our days, walking around the neighborhood of the small northern corner of Europe.

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