What &# 8220; a ticket with an open date&# 8221;? And how to buy it?

Often this situation happens when you do not know the exact date of your return.

Most passengers in this case buys first one side ticket, and when it is determined with the date &# 8211; in another. T.E. It turns out two separate tickets OW (One Way &# 8211; One way), which, as a rule, more expensive than one RT ticket (Round Trip &# 8211; roundtrip).

And few know what to eat Flights with an open date, T.E. without a fixed reverse departure date. Yes, it is more expensive than a ticket back, but in most cases much cheaper two more tickets in one direction.

An open date means that as soon as you decide on your return date, you need to contact airlines (visit the office or by phone) and inform the planned departure date. It is advisable to do this no later than 2-3 days before departure.

How to buy a ticket from an open date?

Not all airlines offer these air tickets. Therefore, it will have to spend some time on calls to find out who from airlines in your direction offers such tickets.

Unfortunately, flights with an open date can not be online, you will have to visit the airline office.

Flights with an open date of reverse departure you can buy in the following airlines:

Please note that such tickets do not infinitely long, as a rule, it is from 1 month to a year, each airline has its own rules. T.E. During this time, after the date of arrival, you can book the return departure.

You will be put on the desired flight only if it has free space. If there were no places, you will be offered the closest free. It should be borne in mind that if the airline has not satisfied your request, the time of action of the ticket increases.

What; ticket with an open date and how to buy it

For example, your ticket is valid until September 1, 2014. You contacted the airline and asked you to book a place on August 30. But, unfortunately, there were no free places and the nearest free flight flies only on September 5. In this case, you can not worry, the period of action of the ticket will be extended to the nearest free flight, t.E. until September 5.

When it is worth buying a ticket with an open date?

1. When the cost of two separate tickets in one direction above.

2. When the cost of the ticket is back, with the ability to change the date (taking into account the fine for such a change) above the cost of a ticket with a separated date.

Please note that for entry into some countries you need current return ticket with fixed date. In this case, you will have to buy a ticket in both sides with the possibility of changing the date.

What; ticket with an open date and how to buy it

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