What, scary?

Of course, you probably know about airfobs (fear flying), claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), xenophobia (fear of strangers) or Mizophobia (fear of microbes). But what about those scenarios and situations causing fear that arise directly during travel? Ten real, honest, officially recognized by scientists, psychologists and authoritative researchers of phobias that can develop from the traveler on the road.

Normophobia – Fear not to be able to use a mobile phone. After you: 1) were repeatedly lost, late and drove; 2) once again returned to the cruise liner without their companion, leaving him during the last excursion on the shore; 3) We are waiting for a call from MasterCard about the increase in your credit limit halt in connection with the holidays.

Autofobia : Fear of loneliness and isolation. Causes: Closed Currency Exchange Points, Tightening Care Racks with tourist information, Automatic locking doors leading to the roof of the hotel, from within.

Pedophobia : Fear or hostility towards children. It may appear when you: 1) on the flight duration of 12 hours, took place next to Criculous, diagonally from the chatter and accurately behind the nodik; 2) realized that the average age of the guests of your Family Franindley hotel is ten years old.

Ememetophobia : Fear of nausea. The treacherously makes itself felt when you just tied a conversation with a pretty neighbor, shortly before that drinking vodka during turbulence.

Decidophobia : Fear before making decisions. Worst when the attack will overtake you while your new drunk familiar fell on you in the search for the safest way to hostel at two o’clock and there is no euro in your pocket.

Fear is photographed . It’s about you girls. Symptoms are manifested when: 1) the airline has again lost your luggage in which the cosmetics lies; 2) You finally noticed the cameras at the hotel; 3) It turned out that your father was signed on your boyfriend’s blog.

What, scary

Savspadalifobia: Fear of long words. Makes itself felt when you are trying to understand the menu of the non-neuristic, exotic small restaurant, where you decided to dine with a new pretty familiar.

Diaspotophobia : fear throw out things or lose them. Reminds of yourself when you were robbed, robbed and you were not lucky with a porter – and all this for one journey.

Chronophobia: fear of time and what it goes. It begins to bother you when reminders of the departure time sprinkled on the phone, calls from colleagues and / or you can’t remember the beginning of your trip.

And the most imperceptible travel phobia – Phobophobia: fear of the appearance of phobia. Nothing can be worse than detect a new reason for concern when you are struggling to have fun!

What, scary

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