What’s better &# 8212; Bodrum or Marmaris?

The Turkish coast has been considered the main health care provider for more than ten years.

The most popular resorts are located on the Sea of ​​Mediterranean:

  • Antalya;
  • Alanya;
  • Kemer.

In addition to these resorts, many love to visit Istanbul.

True, the Turkish capital can not be called a beach city, although there are several beach resorts in the suburbs, where those who wish can be sunbathe on the beaches of the Marmara Sea.

In addition to the Mediterranean and Marble Seas, the Turkish shores are washed by black and the Aegean seas.

The resorts of the Black Sea are in demand mostly among the local population, but the resorts located on the Aegean Sea can safely be called European.

The main mass of vacationers is citizens of various countries of the European Union. Accordingly, the level of service at local resorts will be better than on Antalya Riviera.

The next difference in the resorts of the Aegean Sea is climate, nature. As well as seasonality, the tourist season is shorter, its duration from the beginning of June to the end of August.

On the coast there is no severe heat even in the hottest summer months.

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About Marmaris and Bodrum resorts

The most exquisite resorts of the Aegean coast of Turkey are Marmaris and Bodrum. Both are considered to be youth, but there are differences.

Marmaris often associated with Monaco. Local embankment Pepit is a lot of expensive yachts, every evening youth walks along it and demonstrates outfits from the last collections.

In both resorts there is a mass of discos and clubs.

In Marmaris, mostly ride dancing, good music and atmosphere, similar to the spirit of the azure shore, as well as for expensive secular events. In addition to the disco in the resort, karaoke clubs are popular.

Bodrum is considered a more part of the city, it is called "Turkish Ibiza". The bulk of visitors – European youth, who wants parties and holiday 24 hours a day.

Citizens of the CIS began to visit these resorts about 10 years ago,

Bodrum now visits the "golden metropolitan youth", and Marmaris secular lions and lions.

Bodrum – 24 hours of fun

The name Bodrum was very loved by resting, so now in the most famous resort of Thailand – Pattaya can meet the eatery "Bodrumkebab".

In the past on the site of the party city, the capital of the ancient state – Karia – Galicarnas, who is famous for the world’s first mausoleum.

Haikarnas Mausoleum is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, but he was destroyed during a strong earthquake in the Middle Ages.

Remains of the building are kept in the British Museum of London.

Now Bodrum is the epicenter of the parties and clubs, there are a lot of various institutions in the city, the density of which is the highest in the whole country.

In the eastern half of Bodrum there are extended beaches, which are created artificially specifically for tourists.

Many bars and clubs are located on the local embankment.
The western part of the city is more relaxed, there is a yacht club, expensive restaurants and shops.

The city consists of 14 resort bays, With that, there are unique nature and landscape, some of them have their own specific features:


Gümbet – one of the Western Bay of the city, is close to the airport.

The bay is known for its sandy beaches, as well as parties, t.To. It is considered the youth in the city, after-Paty and round-the-clock parties are popular here.

The local beach is covered with small sand, so it will also be suitable for family holidays with young children.

The entrance to the sea is flat, it is distinguished by the fact that several meters will have to go to the depth.


Bay Beites It has one of the most popular beaches of the resort. It looks like a crescent, and the local embankment is quenched by bars and cafe like mushrooms after the rain.

ORATAENT often consider part of the bite baytez, it is distinguished by beautiful nature and silence. The main mass of resting is lovers of peace and secluded atmosphere.


Aquaryarla Bay Known by his story, in the past of the bay was the Greek settlement of Kefaluk.

Now this is the fastest growing resort, known for its beaches covered with small sand.

Turgutreis also called the Bodrum business center.

Recently, this region begins to develop its infrastructure. And in the near future it is expected that it will be the most popular region of Bodrum.


Yalikavak – the most extraordinary bay and the resort of Bodrum. She perfectly combines modern hotels, fishing schoones, cozy restaurants and cafes with home cooking. As well as modern avenues and narrow vintage streets.

The bulk of tourists – athletes and newlyweds.


GELTURKBYUKU – one of the newest resorts, which develops rapidly and now boasts the newest hotel complexes.

The main mass of holidaymakers is the Turkish elite, as well as a variety of seboribritis. Local Marina washes to boast a lot of beautiful yachts.

Torba – the most secretive beach-cove. There is few people known about him, there are few hotels here, but instead there is an amazing nature, silence and peace.


Gyumyushlyuk Known with gorgeous beaches and archaeological finds. Now in the resort is prohibited any development. The bulk of tourists – lovers of beaches and archeology.

In the past at the place of the bay was the city of Mindos.

What's better; Bodrum or Marmaris

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Sights of Bodruma

In Bodrum and its surroundings there are plenty of tourist objects. One of the most popular is Castle of St. Peter. It is a conditional point that divides the city into two parts – Eastern and Western.

Castle of St. Peter

On the territory of the castle is located Museum of underwater archeology. There you can admire the world’s oldest sunken ship "UluBurun", which keeps the golden seal of Queen Nefertiti and much more.

Another one at least a famous landmark is the world’s first mausoleum – Tomb Mawsola (Galicarnas Mausoleum). He is also one of the seven wonders of the world.

Now in the territory, which was previously the Mausoleum, is located.

In the past, the dimensions of the mausoleum reached 39 by 33 meters, and the building height was 60 meters. There was a chariot sculpture on the roof, which is now kept in the British Museum in London.

The next tourist object is Hellenistic theater, It is partially renovated and accommodates about 13 thousand spectators.

Marmaris – European Resort in Turkey

Marmaris – Typical European Resort. It is classified as a resort located on the Aegean coast, but in fact it is located simultaneously on the shores of the two seas: Mediterranean and Aegean.

There is a very favorable climate in the city, there is no arid heat, strong wind or big waves.

In Marmaris, there are practically no tourists from our-speaking countries. The main mass of the arriving is the British and the Dutch, the city is also considered the most European resort of Turkey.

The bulk of local hotels are urban, which have a small area and are located at a short distance from the beach. But chic club plan hotels can be found in the suburbs – Hisarona, Turunch and Ichmeler.


Turunch is distinguished by an abundance of vegetation and is located in a closed bay. Here are a lot of pines, a variety of cliffs and lagoon with turquoise water.

The local atmosphere is more calm than in Marmaris itself, which makes the village of the ideal place to relax with children.


Ichmeler is known for the sources of mineral water. Previously, the village was considered part of Marmaris, and now he began to allocate as a separate resort.

In Marmaris, in the castle Kale is located City Museum, The building is considered an architectural monument. It was approximately built in 1044 to our era.

  • From architectural monuments It is necessary to highlight the caravan shed Sultan Hifs, as well as the mosque of Ibrahim Yeah.
  • From natural seats Very interesting excursion to Cleopatra Island, as well as a trip to the island of Telepah Dalyan.
  • For active youth In Marmaris there is a mass of discos and clubs, there are also two water park: "Atlantis" and "Aqua Dream".

Marmaris or Bodrum?

Bodrum is the peninsula, and Marmaris – resort, Bay and the famous coastline in Turkey.

If we talk about landscapes and beaches, each resort has both pros and cons:

  • Bodrum appears something like Greek resorts. Snow white buildings under blue sky.
  • Marmaris more modern externally – All buildings die with a variety of rainbow flowers.
  • The beaches are better in Bodrum, there are no them in Marmaris itself, But the suburbs can boast a magnificent extended beach strip.
  • Marmaris wins on natural diversity, He is more picturesque.
  • Marmaris will be a warmer resort. Here the season begins earlier than in Bodrum, respectively, and ends later.
  • By the ratio of price-quality wins marmaris, Although prices for hotels in these regions are approximately the same.
  • Clubs in marmaris better quality, they possess huge territories and high-quality sound. In Bodrum but more fun youth and atmosphere.
  • Bodrum will be a more youth resort, Where can I sunbathe, relax, dance and enjoy life.
  • Rest in Marmaris is rather an indicator of prestige, In nature are houses of many Turkish celebrities.
  • Shopping is not very good at both resorts, A variety of trifles and souvenirs are expensive here. However, in comparison with each other in Marmaris there is a richer choice, respectively, more opportunities.


In the season from both resorts, excursions to the Greek Islands – Rhodes, Kos, Lesbos, and DR.

Equally popular excursions in Pamukkale or Ephesus.

Pamukkale is often called Cleopatry pools. T.To. Local waters have therapeutic effects on the body. Some legends say that girls who fastened in this water will forever retain their beauty and health.

Another excursion will be a trip to the stone city – Kapadokia.

Local rocks are located homes, churches and other housing. A very beautiful view of the local heritage opens while traveling in a balloon, this entertainment is very popular in the region.

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