Tips and recommendations on the trip to Kenya: Personal experience

Also you have a camera on your shoulder, the hotel staff is very warful to keep it stronger. And if you decide to go with her to walk in the evening, after sunset – it will faint.

Very difficult to shoot in Nairobi "Street photo". People are wary, and sometimes and are hostile to a person with a camera. And I do not think that this is the manifestation of their hostility to strangers. They live difficult and not. Most likely, they are embarrassed from the fact that some white unidie and aunt so excitely seek to decline their poor. And the second side is strangely learned from the British concept of prievci. Everything falls under it: and the deserted cemetery, and the public library. It is funny to say, but once even a local minibus salon, more precisely, even the view from its windows, became the territory of the prievci in the interpretation quite intelligent species of Kenyatsa.

But an amazing thing, by the end of the week, spent in Nairobi, negative impressions and private roughness somehow went to the background. I personally have become more understandable and even the inhabitants of this strange capital, they cause sympathy for their hard fate and severe everyday life. I’m not sure that they understood it, meeting the White group on the street. But in the last days of their views towards my camera, it seems like, warming.

Hit the tour in Kenya

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Kenya Personal Experience

We traveled from 5 to 15 Apr in Kenya and Tanzania Threesome with daughters. I long, almost 3 weeks, rewritten with some George. He is visible to the owner. There in place he took cash from us, and non-cash translated to the company. The essence of the deception is that:

1. In my requirement in the program of the trip there were three internal flights to speed up movements and saving time. In fact, one flight was replaced for moving – 7 hours by car, instead of 1 hour flight. Lost day lost.

2. I demanded to reserve us those hotels that have good reviews. They are more expensive. He included in the program that I wanted to increase the cost, and when I arrived – we were lucky in those from which I refused. Such hotels were 3 of 6. Took the price for good, but settled in bad. I demanded to return a part of money for the flight and cheap hotels – one thousand dollars out of 10 thousand, which I paid for him (not including tickets to Kenya and back).

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