Tips and recommendations on a trip to Kenya

Kenya – Pretty expensive country. With a general low level of living, prices for many products and services are higher than even in Europe. Entrance to many reserves paid, with foreigners fee for the entrance is charged in US dollars (US $ 10-27).


Safety situation in the country is quite ambiguous. Kenyanytsy are mostly very friendly and sociable people, but the outskirts of the capital (especially River-Red and Wura Park) and most poor areas of other cities are categorically not recommended for visiting foreigners alone. Pockets in the areas of concentration of tourists are also a lot. In the inner areas, especially in the north of the country, armed gangs ("Shift") separatists, and in areas of nature reserves – and poachers. Reality is such that Nairobi is considered the most dangerous to the tourist in Africa, ahead of this sad championship, even Nigerian Lagos. Extremely many robbery examples with strength, rough fraud, not to mention the banal pocket theft. Cases of use of taxi criminals when tourists along the way from the airport to the city robbed and ejected in the middle of the road. If the time of arrival in Nairobi is supposed to be in the dark, and the tourist nobody meets – wisely and safer to spend the night at the airport than to be on the streets of Nairobi at night in search of the hotel.

Photo and video shooting

It is not recommended to photograph local inhabitants without them to permit and independently (without a guide or representative of travel agency) attend dwellings of locals, especially Masayev. Shoot on the main square of Nairobi, near the Mausoleum of the first president of Kenya Jomo Kenyatty, is also categorically prohibited.


Ignorance of local ethnic customs can lead to misunderstandings or even conflicts. With local residents without any particular need to be better not to talk, as any conversation is likely to end the money or suggestion of doubtful services.


During trips to national parks, it is impressed too close to the animals and disturb them to hunt. It is not recommended to move off the road and leave the car without the permission of the guide. This can be done only in specially reserved places. Feed animals in national parks stricter forbidden – any attempt of such a kind of causing a huge fine. It is forbidden to go beyond the place of accommodation without security. It should be carefully monitored for the state of mosquito nets in all places of residence, and in case of detection of the slightest rheuchs require the replacement of the number.

Water and products

It is not recommended to drink water from the tap and buy fruit from street traders. It is better to eat drinks in a bottle and bedding packaging, and with vegetables and fruits before eating to clean the peel or wash well. The level of hygiene in most modern hotels high, tap water undergoes mandatory cleaning, but it’s not worth drinking it.


Kenya – one of "Leaders" on the distribution of HIV infection. According to WHO estimates in cities, almost a third of the Population of HIV-positive (in the province – about 3%). At the same time in tourist areas "works" A huge number of prostitutes that do not use any contraceptive means.

Clothing and features of rest

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Kenya

In the clothes adopted unofficial style. Easy "Tropical" Clothing will be appropriate for almost all cases, except for official receptions. When traveling to the Reserve, clothes should close the body as much as possible and be tight enough to protect against insect bites. Refirements and broadband hats are highly recommended, as well as high shoes with good support for ankle. Since the level of insolation is very high, it is recommended to use sunscreen (especially in the first 2-3 days of stay in the country) and drink more water (preferably mineral).


Tips are better to give in local currency. In restaurants, they make up 10% of the total cost of the order. Most hotels automatically include 10 percent allowance for payment of services. If the payment of services is not included in the tariff, tips in the amount of 20 shillings will be considered quite sufficient. Tips Americanians, drivers and other representatives of the service personnel on safari are usually equivalent to $ 3-5 US dollars.


Voltage in the power supply network 220/240 V., 50 Hz. English Standard sockets – three-pin flat or two-contact rounds, so an adapter is needed to use electrical appliances. Most logs receive electricity from diesel generators and solar panels, so turn off it at night (usually for night lighting in the rooms have candles).

System of Mer

The colonial past of the country is noticeable in all manifestations of public life. In many places, along with metric, British weights and length are used, in the schedule of work of many institutions include traditional "lunch" and "File-Clap". The Kenymenians themselves are quite leopard in any case, so we expect an instant execution of the order, for example, in the restaurant, should not.

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