Tips and recommendations on the trip to Israel: personal experience

I come from Moldova, t.We have a visa-free regime with them, I recently wanted to spend holidays in Israel. I bought a ticket back and forth on 5 Dnia, booked a hotel, a ticket, made medical insurance, took about $ 1,000 in cash with a cathedral and several hundred euros on the card and flew.

At the customs they interrogated for almost 3 hours, they simply did not believe that I came to relax. Mocked me and above my country. Sent back without explaining. No water, no food for almost a day. As a result, I lost money for the hotel and the ticket, I lost time, nerves and the opportunity to relax normally

Very disappointed, I thought they were glad to tourists

Israel is better not in summer

Why do I come to Israel for summer holidays on the sea I do not understand at all: here and the beaches are so-so (at least in the area of ​​Tel Aviv) and the hotels are mostly old, prices are all high, the area is rather boring.

Another thing if you sit in the car and ride a week for a country and see everything. The best time for this is not very hot. The second time go to Israel does not pull at all, but this week it was still interesting)

And do not forget to buy in an excellent Israeli wine at the airport! Shalom! πŸ˜‰

ISRAEL TOPO Map – I recommend for hiking!

Theft in Israel

Three places where the Israelis give tips

Israelis pay tips only in three places: on a car wash, packaggers in super and waiters. First – almost always, second – when there is a trifle, the third – if you did not spoil the mood. Nowhere and never tips are required. If the waiter says that the service is not included in the account, and the client is dissatisfied with service or food, he will say that I will not pay for such a service.

No problems arise. Tipping – by definition of the act of free will, and they remain in Israel.

How to save when traveling to Israel

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Israel Personal experience

Recently was in Israel, on the Dead Sea. Hotel "Tzel Arim". Pulls three stars, however, it is. But you do not overpay for 5, which there is no. Domok on two owners stand along the promenade. Quietly, no one bothers anyone. There are such hefty hotels like "Crown Plaza" and "Meredian", But many complain about the service and food. Yes, and the beach is not everywhere near. So with the hotel we were lucky.

In Moscow, I found out that you can save on the shuttle and excursions, if you take them directly in Israel. On the recommendation contacted one local firm – Taxigold – To meet, taken to the hotel and back and t.D. This was saved $ 250, t.To. without intermediaries.

From the excursions was in Jerusalem, of course. I took a group of those offering in the hotel in the lobby – it turned out garbage, everywhere run, 50 people in the group, "drove" According to the desired stores. During the end of the trip, they gathered four-ways – from our group – took the car with the driver, the fact that we had from the airport, and went again to Jerusalem. They passed calmly in Christian places, walked around the city, went back to some suburb – there are our monasteries, monks from Russia, compared to. They say, get there difficult – the selection is still at home. But on the holy land. Another classroom – Masada. Such a rock in the desert and the fortress on it from above. Her Romans destroyed after 3 years siege. Height – meters 500, down look – eagles fly. There are also such healthy machines such as an ancient Rome – walls pierce, from wood, meter height 4. They say, 20 years ago, Americans shot a film about Masadu and left them here. Familiar traveled back in Bet-Shaan. There, too, Roman ruins, whole city. Impressive. In short, here you look nevertheless. And most importantly, warmed up and rested from our marbles.

All Council – do not take a group excursion, you have a full program. Singing simple – $ 90-100 per person in a group of 45-50 people. And if you take a taxi on four (2 pairs) – the same $ 100 per person, but decide where to go and what to watch.

Scary memories of Israel Ovda Airport

I wanted the Red Sea (and dead too), but without the addition of Arabs and for reasonable money. In general, on the trip everything was fine, but from "Farewell to Sacred Earth" shakes so far. We had a charter Moscow-Ovda-Moscow. Ovda – Airport close to Eilat. So, brought us to the airport at 12.30 when departing in 16.00. At the airport there is no waiting room, there are no lousy shops to sit down. All the time to flight with heat people and languishing, standing in queues.

So-called "registration" started somewhere 40 minutes before departure. She concluded in complete shone and shaking out of the suitcases of all things and interrogation with the addiction. Well at least not torture, and so 37th year and only. I didn’t like that things were not enough. And what, in fact, you need a person for a week? A couple of macks, a few panties and something in little things. In the top of the whole, you were taken to a separate room, the doggers were dugged and the whole advocated (idiot, did not want the Arabs Lapali). How much I go, soak humiliation did not meet anywhere. In Moscow to the homeless attitude better than our tourists at Israel airport! I just started tantrum, the nerves passed and I sprinkled. And after that, they still want tourists to go, visas, type, cancel! Things all overgrown, viewed all the pictures in the camera. Selected everything except the wallet and after that graciously allowed to stack into the plane. They said that they would put all things in the box and I can pick it up at the airport of arrival. Including warm things (in Moscow -2, and I am in one T-shirt), a mobile phone (not even call), not to mention the camera. And hair curl and chargers took away at all! They said I’ll get by mail in a month! But that is not all. It turned out that in any other boxes they did not pack, and so everything was dispersed just in luggage, including a female handbag, where and the phone, and money, and the camera. T.E. come in, guests are expensive, and take what you want. Everything is open.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Israel Personal experience

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