Tips and recommendations on a trip to India: personal experience

It is written in all guidebooks, the Delia Metro is a paradise for pockets. US "shoes" Very elegant.

Even the turnstiles, we noticed a group of beautiful upstands (from 7 to 50 years old) women. Man nine. In beautiful golden clothes.

I also thought: "Indian gypsy". Gypsy, Karl! It must be molded! But, as I wrote, after oxygen starvation, our brains worked badly. Women climbed and disappeared. We decided the issue with travel, figured out what platform we went to the peer. The train came up. And here, right from the Delia fog, this group of women arose between us and doors of the car. And we are again not alert. We hanalently missed them forward, in the car, where they got up near the door, overloading the entrance. To pass inwards had to be sought through the order. At the next stop they came. When the doors of the car closed, Mitya discovered that his chest handbag was disclosed, an exhibition with two passports and all the money was gone.

I will not describe our throwing, suffering and experiences. I’ll just write what you need to do if you stayed in Delhi without a passport. As it is not difficult to understand, the loss of money is a side effect. Money goes forever. At the first moment we thought: "Well, passports, they throw out!", However, remembering "Shantaram" I realized that passports for thieves – home mining.

Fancy Gypsies on the streets Delhi. In India, women have nothing to do on the street without a man. There are only three exceptions: Paria, which usually repair roads, business Wanman in a European costume and gypsies that will be very happy for you.

Ross Island (Andaman Islands). How to get

It is only 15-20 minutes away by ferry from the Blair port, at prices, if the memory of 200 rupees does not change.

The last ferry goes there at 14: 00-14: 30, back to Port Blair at 16:00.

Last year’s notes say that the island is closed on Wednesday, so keep in mind if someone goes there.

An unexpected problem in the Archaeological Park Mehrauli

The real owners of Mehrauli are not people, but these four-legged creatures. Here they are merged just the hordes of pigs, as heaps of garbage on the outskirts of Delhi is a wonderful feed base for them.

And these piglets can be a problem when visiting an archaeological park, a problem, I must say, unexpected. I got used to homeless dogs in such places, and I saw pigs only in the form of a bass, or a meat, in the worst case in a pigsty when I served in the army. But here they are just hundreds and they are omnipresent, so I was even somewhat confused, because a pig is a large beast. I hoped that they would simply be reacting for me, but it turned out that it was not. It turns out that the Piglet has a subtle mental organization, and when they approach them closer, Khryushi fall into hysterics, especially if this is a female with piglets. Pig strains and begins to drill a stranger with evil eyes – and it is not clear, she will rush to you or not.

I even had to hide in the old mazara to skip the female with piglets.

At some point I realized that pigs seriously make me moving through the forest, and this problem was necessary to somehow decide. At first I was afraid to drive them, because it is unknown what will be the response. Getting out somehow from one mausoleum, I ran into another Borov, who saw me, began to fuck threateningly. I could not withstand my nerves, I somehow got it from all this, and I knocked his foot on the Piglet – Why Huruso Pool flew to hide into the nearest bushes, publishing wild piglery screaming. On this "Pierce problem" I was solved, I no longer flutter with these creatures, in general, here, like everywhere, the jungle law works – who is stronger, that’s right)

Do not leave some luggage at Delhi Airport

Dardzhiling. Where to get Sikkim Permit

If after Darja you move in Sikkim, you will need PermT. No special perm in Sikkim will not be allowed. Permit can be obtained in the wolk, and you can in Dardz.

Info about where to get this permit and how to find the institution that gives them out is quite difficult, so I will stop in this detail. To get Permit we need DM Office. Di-uh office is very far from the center, so if you are in Dardz for the first time, do not even try to find it yourself. We naively tried to walk to this DM Office on foot, asking for local residents. As a result, we went to a dead end, in the literal sense of the word. Therefore, go to Taxi Station at the clock tower and say Taxes cherished "Dm Office".

200 rupees will be asked for you, but you will be happy to take 150. If you have a good karma, perhaps you will get to be stumping up to hundreds. Keep in mind that to go through the winding serpentine streets, on which the damn legs will trim, actually long. When the taxi will unload you at the di-uh office (entry into the territory is prohibited), go down and turn left. First you get a new building, painted paint brick shade, which has crowned migrant workers. It is not necessary for us nafig, turn to the left and pass to the older yellow structure in the conditionally colonial style. We rise to the second floor and then right to put on the large Sikkim Permit pointer. Congratulations, Quest passed. Do not notice the pointer is impossible, however, besides this large pointer on the second floor, there are no more pointers.

PermT is obtained, it means you can safely go to Sikkim!

Hygiene questions in India

Wet wipes – Mast Hav, the more – the better the better antibacterial, with hygiene the Hindus is not very. Local Always – called Whisper – 80 rupees.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to India Personal experience

Himalayan cosmetics, strongly recommend going to the pharmacy store in Delhi, pleasant price surprises and the availability of the entire range will undoubtedly please. If there are still ladies, looking at Termukhi from Columbia, namely Women"S BaseLayer Midweight Ls Top – Nothing special, it works like everyone else, no magic Metal spraying does not cause, the only plus, bright pink color, pleasing.

List of Indian medicines

List of some Indian drugs if your first aid kit stayed at home.

Racecadotril (ACETORPHAN) – from DISPIRIN diarrhea – anti-inflammatory, analog of our aspirin combiflame – antipyretic laxatives, Dulcolax, Creamolax – Laxative Electral – Water-soluble powder, drink after strong Ciplox-T2 poisoning – Antibiotic from intestinal infections VOLINI – Ointment from muscle pain Diarex (Himalaya) – sparing remedy for intestinal infections and Zovir diarrhea – Manomitram acyclovir – Easy Snow Map PartYSmart – Neutralizes Alcohol

Vipassana in Dharamsala: what to take with you

To drag with me the sleeping bag and the foam does not make sense: warm blankets give out how much you need, so you should not freeze. Also give a pillow, pure bed linen. The only thing that is not issued is a towel. And toilet paper.

Well, take a warm plaid for meditation in the cold morning clock, if you break to sit in local blankets. By the way, large warm blankets, very soft, from the fur of the yak sold right in the McLeod-Ghana for only 300-350 rupees.

In principle, it was cold only at first (we were in the first 10 days of May), and that’s not deadly – mostly in the morning and in the evenings, but the plaid or blanket saves. However, thermal underwear will definitely not be superfluous – especially if you are traveling until May or after September.

Also take or buy an umbrella – the weather is changing very quickly.

Follow the flashlight – in order not to step in dotmakes on any insects and do not stumble on the monkeys.

If you know that gong hits and bells are not able to wake you up, take alarm clock or clock clock with you. If you forget something – managers will buy you (toilet paper, toothpaste, alarm clock, pills – everything except food).

Tips and recommendations on a trip to India Personal experience

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