Tips and recommendations on the trip to Hungary: Personal Experience

Nowhere has not seen the warnings of the administration that to leave values ​​in the cells is unsafe.

Therefore, I want to share my experience so that you do not find yourself in my situation – when I have in the cottage of the section in the cell on August 1, 2014, all the money was stolen from the wallet. Having spent more than an hour to fill the form and waiting for the police, I was polite at the end, without providing any help in getting to the hotel.

I am administration and police (. ) I suggested a hare to go on public transport to the hotel, and the case, if you are caught up without a ticket – to show them a protocol that I was robbed and I have no money. Here is such a hospitality! By the way, the police did not have to speak in nor in him, nor.

Hungary. Eger. Budapest

After the Wizzair’s Loauser began to fly from Moscow several times visited Hungary. It means I’m talking: Tickets are marked out 39 euros per person, staying in Eger – Removed the house (you can up to 6 people) 1000 rubles per day for two, food is amazingly cheap – a piece of pizza 200 forints- 32 rubles, lunch in the restaurant for 2 x 800-1000 rubles. Portions are huge. We were 5 days in Eger and 5 in Budapest. Bathing (and how without them) is almost every city . Ticket price for day 300-500 rubles. In Budapest, took a travel in the city for the whole type of transport, including a river tram. Very profitable! Costs approximately 700 rubles for 7 days. Coupons for discounts work. You can safely take. In Budapest, rented an apartment in the center – 1100 rubles a day.

It briefly about prices. See there. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

Ferry on Lake Balaton

Vigilance in Budapest does not hurt!

Good nature of Hungarians is so bribed that we lose vigilance. But not so few merchants, waiters and taxi drivers who are considered a lost day, if they failed to have a traveler. We did not come across a taxi driver who decided to take us out of the feet in will almost via Austria. He was terribly proud of himself and was very upset that we find out well know the way and know how much a trip.

Another instance – some past waiters. Since in many restaurants, the check is a paper with a piece of hand, it becomes apparent that you are heated for a couple of thousand. Here you ordered for 1,500 forints some simple stew from pork, and the waiter looks at you in innocent eyes and proves that you have eaten at least a piece of polenogogogogogogogo sick. And asks you three times more. You can scandal and recalculate you. But, of course, descended from "Unicorn pins" People often just do not want to spoil the nerves.

Budapest: General Information and Important Trivia

– Do not bubble prices that are almost always measured by thousands. Remember that in 1000 Hungarian forints approximately 140 rubles.

– Travel to transport sold in the kiosks of printed products and through automata that (!) take exclusively coins, and not bills. Tickets are distributed to all types of transport (if you need to make a transition in the subway, then you will pay for it too). The cost of 1 ticket at the moment (Spring 2012) is about 360 forints. In transport, Hungary drivers do not sell tickets, so take care of this in advance. Tickets need to be pierced. For example, in the tram on the handrails there are special composters. Slide the ticket numbers down and pull on yourself.

– not everywhere accept credit cards. Before making a purchase or order in a restaurant, be sure to check with the staff. Most often, if there is no card icon (visa, mastercard and t.D.) So they only take cash.

– Banks and exchange offices in Budapest almost every corner. Euro take everywhere, but it is more profitable to pay all local currency – forints.

– Always try to order a taxi from the hotel or restaurant. If you catch a taxi in the city yourself Always ask how much it costs to get and watch, so that the taxi driver reset the counter. On average, the route from the center of Pest to the center of Buda costs about 3000 forints.

– If you bought a product that cost more than 48.001 Forints, then be sure to ask the store documents on Tax Free (passport is required). Save all this, do not open the goods and do not use it. At the customs you will put the corresponding stamp in the documents and you can regain a part of the money (VAT Return). Finding the cashier of the currency and the return of money Specify the airport staff. It is necessary to do this after checking tickets and before passing the passport control zone.

– In the transport and in places of major major attractions sometimes worry wipers. Widely revealing from surprise mouth, do not forget to close the handbag.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hungary Personal Experience

– For those who did not order a sightseeing tour, but wants to ride around the city, listening to a personal guide, there is an interesting offer. On weekends, from the morning of Elizabeth Square, two-storey buses depart, which are excursion in several languages. You will not be able to watch them. They are either bright red or bright green and around the area have climbing on this trip in the respective colors of buses. Come on, write down, pay, choose your own language, dress headphones and ride around the city, listening to the story of the audio guide . The pleasure is not very expensive and in good weather you can choose a bus without a roof, which makes the excursion even more pleasant.

General practical notes and tips

1. Register trips through a tour operator, not a travel agency. What is the difference between them? The first specializes in a specific country (group of countries) and knows all inputs and outputs, respectively; The second is the same discovect that in ticket office, takes part of the clientele and resources of the tour operator and maintains a business on a regional or local attribute, raising prices for the tour.

2. I do not advise you to take "gregarious" A sightseeing tour, when in a few days of you with a group of other compatriots chase throughout the country with standard dinners in a cafe, where the guide has a tete or uncle (quality naturally – by the residual principle). Buy a plane ticket, book accommodation, buy a map, chat with the guys at the reception that here yes, how – and begin to build routes yourself. The uniqueness of the trip is provided.

4. Take on the day or a few hours of bikes for hire and go around the city (bicycle rental is on the Utka weightlies, d.18, guys are excellent there, everything will be twisted and even zipper on the jacket, if that, repaired).

5. Citizens up to 26 years old are also considered young, so I advise you to arrange an international map of Yunz before the occurrence of this age (in the firm offices "StarTerevel" In Moscow), I also advise you to place a plane tickets – for Yintsov essential discounts. This card gives a discount in many museums, other cultural places abroad, including in Hungary.

6. Often met our zhigulat. They also, for example, cut the racers who were seen in G. Eger.

7. Hungarians are very patriotic, but without self-employment and arrogance. Pay attention to how many national flags – in the city, in the courtyards and on the facades of private houses (we would have twisted the our flag to be twisted in the horn and poked into the article by the Federal Constitutional Law on the procedure for the use of state heraldry).

eight. The climate is as much like in Russia, only the air is cleaner and sleep better.

All outlined above – the experience of one person. Open new and interesting routes, tastes and atmospheric – in Hungary, no one will interfere with it, but on the contrary, will help.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hungary Personal Experience

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