Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hungary

Tips It is customary to give waiters, hairdressers, taxi drivers and even doctors – usually about 10% of the count amount. In the restaurant, the tip on the table is not accepted, when paying the account, they are transmitted directly to the waiter.

In many restaurants with Gypsy music, a soloist usually comes to the table and performs melodies at the request of guests. In this case, it is customary thanking by the Contractor. If tourists do not want to sponsor local musical nuggets, they are better to take a table away from the orchestra or choose a restaurant without music.

It is not recommended to receive the proposals of the waiter relative to the specialties of the restaurant, especially if their cost is still unknown.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hungary


From January 1, 2012, a law prohibiting smoking in public places entered into force in Hungary. Smoking can not be smoking in all types of public transport and at stops, in offices, on the staircases and in the courtyards of houses (by resolving residents), near the playgrounds, schools and kindergartens, as well as health facilities. In hotels and restaurants, smoking is allowed in specially designated places, however, food and drinks in the smoking area will not be served. Violation of the law will entail a fine of 20 thousand to 50 thousand forints (from 75 to 190 euros).

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hungary

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