Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hong Kong – Sianggan (PRC)

In Hong Kong, you must always have an identity card with you (passport, driver’s license and t. D.) – Immigration authorities often arrange verification documents for detention of illegal workers and immigrants with expired visas.

Appearance on the street, and even more so – in public places, forbidden in beach clothes. With you, you should always have a visit to a hotel with a Chinese inscription or filled with any Chinese (translator). This will make it difficult to get lost in the intricatement of local streets and always clarify the locals that you are a foreigner, because due to the complexity of the language remember even a dozen local words problematic.

Photo and video shooting

Photographing in temples and museums is either prohibited or for it takes an additional fee. For the use of video cameras fee is much higher or not allowed to shoot. Photographing strategic objects (airport, station, dam, bridge and t. D.) forbidden.


From July 1, 2009 in Hong Kong introduced a ban on smoking in common areas, including restaurants, bars and even public toilets. In addition, restrictions on smoking on the streets will be tougher – there are already whole on the island "Areas without tobacco". Penalty for violation of the prohibition will be $ 22.

Price level

Trade must be traded everywhere, except for large state stores. If "the language barrier" Does not allow this, you can use the calculator on which the numbers are typing, or a sheet of paper and handle. Often, instead of a kilogram, a Chinese weight unit is used "Zhin" ("Dzin", 0.5 kg.) or "catty" (0.6 kg.). In large department stores, purchase is often accompanied by the registration of a large number of papers and checks, so it is worth familiar with the rules of shopping.


Tips are not officially accepted, but still it is recommended to leave them at the rate of 5-10% of the cost of the service. A employee of the hotel is customary to leave "tips" 10-20 hk $, in taxi tips are not required, it is easier to round the amount to the whole dollar.

Map of tourist

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hong Kong - Sianggan (PRC)

When visiting Hong Kong, you can save by using the tourist map See Hong Kong Pass, allowing you to pay less for the entrance to local museums and even for free to visit the culinary master class. It also gives the right to visit more than 15 attractions of the island, allows you to save on trips on a sightseeing bus, tour in Macau and even on dinners. Also to the map attached a pocket guide to Hong Kong and the surrounding area.

Card costs from $ 59 to $ 115 and operates from 1 to 3 days. You can buy it online on the website of the project See Hong Kong Pass, there is also detailed the advantages that it gives to its owner.


Voltage in the mains 220 V., 50 Hz., The plugs meet both three-stroke (western sample) and twin (both flat and round).

Natural dangers

Typhoon season lasts from May to November. When the typhoon is approached on television and radio, warnings are transmitted by a special digital signaling system ("eight" – the highest danger).

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Hong Kong - Sianggan (PRC)

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