Tips and recommendations on a trip to Guatemala

Safety situation in the country is rather ambiguous. Street crime (especially at night) – the main problem across the country. All sorts of single visits to remote areas and streets of cities should be avoided, especially at night. Security measures should always be taken against pockets, especially in the districts of a large cluster of the people or in transport. It is worth noting that the crime rate is growing, especially theft, therefore should be particularly careful, and not to demonstrate in open passports, currency, photo and video equipment, which are objects of increased interest for local criminals. It should be especially careful in the Biotopian-Serro-Kahui in El Remate and in the outskirts of the capital.

At the same time, many mountainous areas of the country are completely safe for visiting tourists. Theft in the villages – the concept is unthinkable, although begging and petty scam against "gringo" (they are often attributed to all Europeans) do not stop. In most provincial areas, security in the settlements support the residents themselves, and they do their work hard and fundamentally. But in some areas adjacent to the border with Honduras and Salvador, to travel without escorting the local conductor is still not recommended. Around many mountain lakes, primarily Atitlan, breaking the parking lots only in specially defined places.


Guatemala Civil Police, established in 1997, was trained by experts from Spain, USA, France and Chile. Despite these efforts, the police are still corrupt and ineffective, so you should not expect any help from police officers (an exception is the tourist Police of Antigua, famous for its benevolence and good learning). By local laws, you must always have a passport or officially certified photocopy of it.

Currency exchange

Ketzal – non-convertible currency, it is impossible to exchange outside the country, therefore it is highly recommended to exchange local currency before leaving (usually reverse exchange is allowed to equivalent $ 100). Unused local currency is the easiest to exchange in the airport bank (open from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 20.00). Quite hard to exchange ribbon and dilapidated bills.

Price level

Prices in Guatemala are very low. You can bargain in the markets and in private stores. From a foreigner usually try "contemplate" Schurdogoga for any product or service, however, you can often see the back picture – with a very low level of local life, many sellers will gladly go towards the buyer and provide, provided that the buyer is well traded, various discounts.


Tips (are accrued over VAT), as a rule, are up to 10% of the cost specified in the account. It is also taken to give a tip porter (in the amount of $ 1-2), a taxi driver (often the fare is simply rounded) and a guide ($ 1 per person).


Voltage in the mains 115-125 V, 60 Hz. Standard American sockets (in the province often you can meet the European Type).

System of Mer

Metric measures and weights system.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Guatemala

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