Tips and recommendations on a trip to Greece: Personal experience

Watch you can fly to Athens, take a walk (live) there one or two days, then from there to move to any Mikonos, then the island of Naxos, Paros, (on these islands, also 2-3 nights), then Santorini – there at will 2 -3 night (you can longer, do not believe that you can watch everything in the day). Further depends on the flight – you can rear in Athens again on the ferry and fly out of Athens, you can fly to Crete – In general, as you can find flights.

Greece North in late August-September

Halkidi, in particular, Sithonia is a place that requires a car. There are the best parties and parties of the North of Greece, but they all pass in the Beach Bars, which are remotely from the villages, and no one will not allow no one in the villages at night. More or less, Nikiti and Nea Marmara get to your request, but, in my opinion, the beaches there are no, to good only 5-10 km, but without a car. In September, half the bars and clubs will be closed. In the last week of August, all decent places die out, the people move in thessaloniki.

Katerini is a fur coat place where "Chelovela" (as they were previously called), the whole infrastructure is sharpened for them, Shuba-Shuba-come and see. In my opinion, the place representing Greece is not the best.

Halkidiki: Bicycle Journey

We traveled through the middle peninsula on bicycles (around along the coast), liked Nikiti, Marmaras and Sarti. They are generally just more than the rest. Were still in kind and uranopolis on the third peninsula. Nea kind – the resort for the Greeks, we did not meet the ours there at all. In Uranopolis, a lot of pilgrims and ours, our shops and restaurants. There we will carry our bags in several 5 * hotels.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Greece Personal experience

And in general there yes, quiet and family. On the middle peninsula, Sithonia is very beautiful nature. If you are with the machine, be sure to travel. There is still a very beautiful village of Arnea in the mountains in the central part, there is a great place to Vourwour, but there are mostly some houses for delivery, the restaurant saw one, supermarkets have. But you can take a boat and swim according to the closest islands. And sunsets there awesome!

Prices in Zakynthos at the end of August

Good morning, yes, the prices are the same. Of course for the year they increase everywhere, but it is not particularly felt. The average price of dinner with wine (and dense for two) costs 25-30 euros, on the trip price segment almost the same, differences only in the diversity of excursions, car rental cost 50 euros per day.

For example, 55 thousand rubles cost 55 thousand rubles on the side of the train year ago, and at the beginning of August 63 thousand rubles. The difference will not say that the big one, and then at the end of August it was possible and cheaper to rest.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Greece Personal experience

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