Tips and recommendations on a trip to Germany: Personal experience

Solving comprehensively engage in your teeth, I traveled several leading clinics of St. Petersburg, and found what he was looking for in Munich.

Unlike our dentists, German offered me treatment, allowing you to keep all my teeth! Making the choice of the clinic Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde München I was not mistaken! Despite the fact that I had to fly four times in Munich for several days, I stayed very pleased with the excellent organization and superprofessional work of Dr. Jan Hajtó, as well as Timo Bachmann and Costin Marinescu. It was a great job with medical and aesthetic side. I gladly spent my free time in a beautiful and interesting Munich and, I hope, he cured his teeth for a long time and acquired a beautiful smile about which you can only dream.

Dentist in Munich

In Germany, another attitude to pets

Places in tents on Oktoberfest Book in advance

Tourfirm Bavaria Travel Group: Excellent

We went to Munich 17.04.2011 – 24.04.2011. The host party was Bavaria Travel Group. The organization of the tour and excursions was very good. Upon arrival, each tourist received a memo, according to his program, so something did not understand it was extremely difficult. I want to note the wonderful work of the guide on Munich Mikhail Countryman. Very interesting, information is easy, with excursions in history, quotes, jokes.

And were at the height of the field excursions to the castle of the fairy king Ludwig second in Neuschwanstein and the Dacha Hitler "Eagle Nest" And the royal lake. Mass of bright, unforgettable impressions!

Drivers – professionals, in buses pure and cozy, come punctually.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Germany Personal experience

So, the impressions of Bavaria Travel Group are the most positive.

Features of visiting saunas in Germany

With saunas story such (everywhere in Germany). After the locker room (cabins) and the soul (separately), you get in a swimsuit in a spa where there are many pools with different temperatures, color and water composition, under the roof and on the street. Of this part, there is usually a door in the Sauna Complex. Going there, you need to remove a swimsuit / smelting in general (!) locker room, wrap in a large towel or bathrobe (must be with you) and stump into one of n (n = 6..25) Sauna. Slippers I also advise you to take. Having removed the slippers and go to the sauna, it is necessary: ​​to find a free space, lay your towel and under the ass and under the feet! It is believed that your sweat should not fall on the saline benches! In the wet sauna, the towel is not necessary, or it is not necessary at all. If there is a cold pool next to the sauna, then there is also a naked. Then they put together again and learn rest. Many visitors with a towel in general are not particularly covered – Germany Country of nudists (on every lake there is a nudist beach).

I know that it is unusual, but after the third time you get used and more do not worry more. The appearance in the sauna in a swimsuit leads to meaningful glances. In addition, sauna staff can approach and say that it is not necessary. Remove the mall, right now 🙂

Still, for especially let’s ladies, in some saunas there are women’s day once a week. But with your friend, understandable thing, go will not work.

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