Tips and recommendations on a trip to Germany

Price tags in stores often begin with a word "AB" -"from", With the lower price limit, you need to pay attention to "native" price tag or consult personnel.


Tips are about 5-10% of the amount of the account or 1 euro per person. But not uncommon and free "Consignment at the expense of the institution" For regular customers.


Tips and recommendations on a trip to Germany

Voltage of the electrical network 220 volts, 50 hertz. European-type sockets with two round thick pins and grounding. Useful to bring a universal adapter.


As in all EU countries, in Germany there is a whole system for restricting smoking. However, due to the fact that each federal land establishes its own rules on the basis of decisions of the country’s government, in many areas there are certain differences in this matter. The federal law prohibits smoking in all buildings where federal institutions and departments are posted, as well as in public transport. But smoking in restaurants and bars depends entirely on local laws. In Saxony, for example, in a small bar, in which the owner himself serves visitors, you can smoke. In Rhineland-Palatinate you can smoke in bars that cannot be divided into indoors for smoking and non-smoking. In Bavaria is allowed to smoke in famous tents, without which no beer festival is required. In addition, it is possible to smoke in closed clubs. So it is recommended to pre-get acquainted with local rules among the owners of institutions or at the service personnel.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Germany

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