Tips and recommendations on a trip to French Polynesia

French Polynesia Islands is almost safe for travelers. Property crimes occasionally fixed, but very quickly reveal, which is understandable – on the small islands everything is in sight and disappear from the law. And taking into account the known rectinity of local residents – and simply impossible. Police tightly pursue any kind of crimes committed against foreign citizens. However, security measures should always be taken against pockets, especially in the areas of a large cluster of the people, follow their own things and take ordinary precautions.

Travel features

On the islands there are noticeable pro-American moods at all levels – the most attention is paid to American tourists, the characteristic slang and orders dominate everywhere. Some hotels are focused on a pretty tasteless style in design and cooking. Often, even French tourists note some disregard to all except the guests from the United States, but it is rather an exaggeration. Everywhere outside Tahiti, any foreigner is something like a sacred cow in India, so the attitude towards everything is emphasized polite and friendly. And the Americans. Yes, they are just here most of all others, combined.

Price level

French Polynesia – very expensive country. There are no taxes on personal income, but indirect taxes and duties are high, and most of the items and food are imported from nearby countries, to the closest of which more than one and two thousand kilometers. Many products and services are 2 times higher than, for example, in Australia or 3 times higher than on the nearby Cook Islands. A characteristic feature that determines the price level in a particular institution is the designation of its category of dollar icons – an expensive restaurant indicate inscriptions "$$$$", And inexpensive budget – "$".


Tips are not accepted, but not prohibit. In some hotels, employees take tips in the form "Deposits in the Christmas Fund". Prices for goods and services include all taxes or service costs. However, when buying a black pearl and expensive jewels, you can insist not to some discounts.

Operating mode

Shops and offices work with 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.30 to 17.00-17.thirty.


Voltage in the power grid is 110/220 V, 50-60 Hz. Standard are round European type sockets with two round pins with grounding.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to French Polynesia


Metric measures and weights system.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Tips and recommendations on a trip to French Polynesia

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