Tips and recommendations on a trip to French Guiana

Safety situation in French Guiana is quite ambiguous. On the one hand, in rural areas, you can travel completely safely due to the small population and special mentality of local residents. Around the Kuru also created a kind "Safety zone", under the closer attention of law enforcement. However, in the capital and other major cities, everything is not so simple, especially at night. In recent years, an increase in the overall level of crime and drug transit through the country has been recorded. Gendarmerie’s checkpoints in abundance appeared around Iraqubo and along the Cayenne Road – Regin, and the locals, and foreigners can be subjected to a thorough search. Safety measures have also increased in ports (even small fishing) and along large rivers.

When moving around the country, reasonable precautions should be observed. Grave crimes here are extremely rare – most of the locals do not even lock the doors of their homes, but the number of small thefts and fraud is slowly, but steadily increases. It is not recommended to have large amounts of cash, instead, it is wiser to use travel checks, as well as debit or credit cards. Do not demonstrate out of relevant institutions gorgeous dresses, jewels and expensive photo or video equipment. It should be avoided in every way "Transactions", offered by unfamiliar people on the street. It is not recommended to use ATMs at night or exchange money from strangers.

In the Cayenne during the daytime, it is quite safe, but at night it is not recommended to visit the coastal zone, especially near the port and Vie-Burg. It is recommended to use only licensed taxis and not sit in the car of local residents. For all security issues, you can consult with representatives of hotels or tourist companies, as well as with local gendarmes – the attitude of them to tourists is quite benevolent. In the city there are very many beggars who are often very intrusive and even aggressively in an attempt to get a handout, but to give them something categorically not recommended – on "compliant alien" There are also a few more dozen beggars!

Permission to visit villages

To visit the Indian villages of some inland areas, first of all in the areas of Maroni and Olyaps, it is necessary to issue permission in advance in advance (it is recommended to do it before arriving in the country).

Photo and video shooting

Tips and recommendations on a trip to French Guiana

Photographing local residents without their consent is not recommended.


Voltage in the network 220/127 V, 50 Hz. There are European type plugs – round with two cylindrical pins (Type C) or round with two cylindrical pins and one grounding hole (Type E and D).

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