Tips and recommendations on the trip to France: personal experience

If you first book a private apartment in Paris, for example, on the site Buking, be careful and carefully read and keep all the correspondence. Last week I had to help confused tourists who came to Paris for the first time with the address "On the village of Grandfather".

In their hands there was a printout with Buking with the following address: Rue de Rennes 06, 75006 Paris. Tourists thought that 06 is the house number, and did not care who carefully read the letters from the owners. Whereas this is the number of the district, and the house number does not appear here at all – when booking apartments, the house number on common paper is not written, but is given only in personal correspondence after booking or when communicating by mobile numbers listed in the letter. Perhaps this information will be useful for someone.

Avoria Children

In the center of the resort there is a children’s ski school "Village des Enfants" ("Children’s village") which functions on the principle of kindergarten. Here they give skiing lessons and snowboarding, the program also lunch and afternoon school and participation in various entertainment events that pass after classes.

At the same time, the lessons are not reduced to primitive exercises and are intended to not just teach children safely slide on the slope, but also suggest programs intended for future athletes.

"Village" The five hectares of specially designed trails (bumps, descents for Toboggan, minigra, slalom, and so on). They are equipped with a small lift, training lift, safety belts that help children perform their first ski movements.

Small athletes train according to a special unique learning technology drawn up by the Olympic champion in Grenoble on Alonya Skiing Anni Fashion. Professional instructors teach children in a game form, which is very captive by the Deator and provides optimal energy costs. Watch this process – solid pleasure, you can die infinite!

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Paris, Removable Apartment on Rue Coquilliere

With apartments on the rue coquilliere I got. Area around Place Des Victoires Square Wonderful place. Let’s start with the fact that this is the first and second county, but despite this here is quiet and more. Nevertheless, early in the morning you will definitely be ruined by local garbagers in green overalls and their hellish machine, swallowing garbage from plastic tanks. This procedure is wake-up Parisians these comrades are done everywhere, and only owners of expensive double-glazed windows can sleep in the morning.

Well, the most important thing is that here you can find absolutely everything that is necessary for life, namely food. Always remember that I spoke to comrade balls: "Without food it is impossible. " And in this he was completely right. Everyone who is lucky here to settle, I recommend first to examine Rue Montorgueil. Slowly walk through this street and carefully study what and where they sell. Here you will find: two inexpensive supermarket Fran Prix and Marche U, Pharmacies, Nicolas Wine Store, famous bunny paul, chocolate shop, cheese and meat shops, fish and vegetable stores, many large and small restaurants and a hairdresser. Such a concentrated location of outlets is very convenient. Last year I lived on Rue Mont Thabor, and I had to run for different yummy to different streets.

Pockets in Paris

I want to warn. In Paris, there is a boom of pocket vorays. As the French themselves told me, not only relaxed tourists, but many Parisians were without wallets and documents. Blame in this residents of Eastern Europe. At my husband on the first evening in the center of Paris, one dear and very intelligent young man who introduced himself to the wrong Italian tourist, virtuoso pulled out of the front pocket of narrow jeans (on top of a covered coat) with all credit cards and cash. So control bags and pockets.

Yes, another trick. You have a young girl (by the way, really Slavic type) and, smiling timidly, picks up a gold ring from under your feet. What happens next – I don’t know how my husband immediately began to threaten the police, and people dissolved in the crowd. But rings threw it in front of us, up to 10 pieces per day reached. The French advised me at all at all in conversations with unfamiliar people on the streets, no matter how miles and charming them were.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to France Personal experience

Impressions about Paris

We lived at Europe Liege (Liege Metro) on Moscow Street. The hotel did not really like. Close, not very clean numbers. When we drove, we have turned off hot water in the room. Single breakfast. When choosing a hotel, pay attention to its location – it is better to settle as far as possible from Moulin Rouge (Blanche Metro), and further from the station.

Paris, compared to Moscow, a small and very cozy year. From our hotel, on foot, you could walk to the opera Garnier in 15 minutes, and half an hour before the Louvre. Therefore, the Second Council – take the cards in your hands and walk the city on foot.

If desired, you can use the metro. Metropolitan in Paris as a whole looks like Moscow: closely and stuffy. Travel costs 1.4 euros.

Weather changeable – then rain, then the sun 30’s. Be sure to take with you on the road an umbrella, otherwise you will have to buy for 5 euros and poor quality.

In Paris, compared with Moscow, everything is very expensive. For products and household goods, I recommend the monoprix supermarket.

Paris sorry to spend time back. Therefore, it is better not to visit the so-called "museums": the Museum of Spirits Fragonar and the Museum of Diamonds. In fact, this is not museums, but shops. In the first of them, it is offered to buy the perfume of our own production (the smell personally did not impress me), in the second – jewelry cost from 500 euros (also nothing special).

Paris with his white houses and forged balconies I really liked. Do not forget to climb the top level of the Eiffel Tower – you will not regret, and be sure to burn with Parisians in the Luxembourg Park.

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