Tips and recommendations on the trip to Finland: personal experience

Nowhere, we have not met with such a hysterical attitude to the concept "private property" (Privacy). And it despite the fact that the so-called "The right of every person" To stay in a private area under certain conditions is enshrined in the official legislation of Finland.

We give only one example. During the trip to the Turku Archipelago, Galtbystrandvag 27, Lansi-Turunmaa, Galtby 21710), not far from Corpos, we stayed on the edge of the country road, at the beginning, dine. "The right of every person" and conditions of his compliance we knew.E. we didn’t bother the road (several cars went past us without any problems), did not go on the car, the fires did not burn, they were not lit and. The road did not have any sign that celebrates private property, the mailboxes were several meters further, the residential buildings were not visible due to the forest, that is, they were located a few hundred meters.

Nevertheless, after half an hour, a car stopped next to us, a woman came out and in a rough manner demanded from us "Cut out here", with words "Here you are not here, here are Finland" and T.D. We intelligently replied to her that we are opening the road, and we will go away when we do, because we can not get together with two children "immediately". Nevertheless, the lady took out the mobile and someone was improving. About two minutes later, another car arrived from which two men jumped up and began to yell in full voice, despite the presence of children so that we would be cleaned immediately. I thought I would have to fight, but limited to screams on their part. We will not quote them here, we will limit ourselves to the fact that about any "The right of every person" They did not want to hear, and they wanted to spit on the fact that our presence does not create any problems. I remember the eyes of these comrades: they looked at us with genuine hatred, as if we decided to at least kill their ladies.

Later, walking around the Turk, we did not have to go to the TURKU, EERIKINKATU and described this case in detail, with photos and drawings of machine positions.

The police answered us that we did not violate any rules and laws, so that the described behavior of the landowners had no reason. In general, the impression of a trip to Finland, and from Finns was strongly sought.

Conclusion: the so-called "The right of every person" In fact, it does not work in Finland. Anyone can argue that, they say, this is a single case. I will answer – not one, we simply described here one. So, if you travel "Rubberies" from camping to camping, without stopping, then there will be no problem.

MYLLYRANTA cottage – be careful!

I want to tell you about his trip to Finland. We do this not the first time, so everything proceeded in the usual mode: booked a cottage, paid documents for a visa and t.D. Throughout the departure from Moscow, we called us from travel agency and reported that we would have to live for three days elsewhere, t.To. In our cottage broke the pipe. In fact, people who shot the cottage to us gave money the hostess (she turned out to be our) and simply coped the anniversary. We learned about it from them – they continued to live after that in the neighboring cottage. Upon arrival in this cottage in three days we had to make cleaning, t.To. The whole floor was in glasses and t.NS. Naturally, we presented the mistress of claims that everything was dirty and there were no dishes (everyone had to buy themselves). By the way, this cottage is called myllyoranta, he is near SavitaPalle, from Lappenranta 32 km. It offers many travel agencies. The territory around the house is all in the construction trash, well, after all, they build our, you know. Although we were very surprised – in Finland very much in nature.

When departing from Finland on the border post, we turned the whole car and all things. Putting there for 3 hours, we went further. Arriving home, we found that when leaving Finland, I did not put a passport stamp. We called to travel agency to find out whether it was not terribly. What we were told in the travel agency was shocked for us. It turns out that the our hostess of the cottage called the customs post and reported that we stole 6 towels (which is quite funny) and fire safety. Naturally, we did not find anything and let go with God. Our whole story to the fact that before removing the cottage, ask who his owner has. In mylllyoranta do not advise ride.

Hotels Helsinki

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Finland Personal Experience

In Helsinki – enough hotels of different levels and pleasant location.

It is only important to understand that Helsinki is a relatively small city, and therefore in the days of major events (for example, festivals) and large great-grandfather (such as new year or Ivan Klapala), the closer to the date, the less free places for reasonable money.

In Helsinki there are a large number of sufficiently demolished hostels. In the heart of the city are Lonnrot Hostel, Finn Hotel, Hostel Mekka and some others. A little bit, you can recommend the Fenno hostel – it is located in the bohemian district of Callio. In these hotels you need to eat greatly at prices. Some include breakfast, some no, in some numbers there are shower, in some no, the same applies to toilets. In general, the price list should be studied carefully, and when booking, specifically make sure that you want to get on the desired dates. The price of two fluctuates around 70-80 euros.

Mansion Stand Hotels of Large Chains Scandic, Cumulus, Holiday Inn and Sokos. Usually numbers in these hotels are from 150 euros per night and above. In principle, it is worth it. Rooms Good, Delicious breakfast, hotel location Beautiful. But very often you can meet different specialists, cunning conditions for booking and other. And then the magnificent room in one of these hotels can well do up to 100 euros per night. Pay attention to the fact that sometimes the price may be specified without breakfast, then – surcharge for two breakfasts, you will get the same 150 and above. True, you can not pay extra, but have breakfast yogurts from the supermarket.

Those who are not frightened by modern technologies, can be recommended to play with hotels of Accome and Omena. They are born only on the Internet are paid only by cards. The code acts as a key – it is issued to you when booking and acts on the entrance to the hotel and to the entrance to the room only in the days of your stay from 14.00 days of arrival up to 12.00 Eviction Day.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Finland Personal Experience

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