Tips and recommendations on the trip to Egypt: personal experience

Snorcling is the main occupation on vacation in Egypt. Swim in a mask with a tube and view all the charm and beauty of the underwater world, that is the whole buzz. The best time for snorkeling, and in general for rest, this is the end of October and the whole November when the weather is worth about +33, and in the evening +25.

The underwater world of the Red Sea is so diverse that new specimens come across every time. Fish a lot of it can be seen even without going into the sea, from the shore.

What is the most important thing to see most of the underwater inhabitants don’t need to swim far. This is very important, because many people do not know how to swim or poorly swim, all that you need to do so it is to fall on the bottom step of the pier and holding it for him to look under the water in the mask.

Taxi drivers in Hurghada

Egypt: Do not bother!

Before departure, I read a bunch of reviews, climbed in different sites, but the general presentation did not work out. Some wrote that I liked everything, others responded negative. Resting there, I understood one thing, of course not to please, so the next time my head "walks" I will not hammer on sites. I personally arranged everything, the attitude was to relax, and I did it.

Planned to combine beach holidays with excursions. Went to Luxor, although our authorities "Do not advise", wanted still in Cairo, but did not have time. The wife really liked the sea walk on the yacht, and I have fun to swim, rushing on quad bikes in the desert. By the way, finally tried "to the touch" What is diving. General class! I think now seriously do this sport. Excursions took from our guys in Hurghada, but the truth we have written off in advance on the Internet. Good guys, at the meeting everything explained in detail, suggested where in Hurghada cheaper to buy souvenirs.

So do not bother, and do not listen to anyone, rest, how want!

How to resist Egyptian merchants

Tears of humiliation due to Pegas Touristik

Not a drop of respect for tourists. The bus on the tour arrived 40 minutes ahead of the time specified in the ticket. And the guide stated that waiting for more than 5 minutes. The same with the bus to the airport. Excursion to the monastery of St. Ekaterina led Pegasovsky Guide-Arab, who barely spoke in our. From his story almost did not understand. Ran in the monastery with a gallop, not really looking. Well, that while waiting for our guide, it was possible to join another group, where in English everything was told in detail.

All business built on knocking out money from tourists by any means. Hotel Ghazala Beach in Sharm, capturing our passports when discharged, brazenly imagined money for anything (we passed the keys from the room half an hour later, although no one warned about the accurate time). Agent "Pegasa" caught up on us on the phone and threatened that our family would not be able to return home until we pay the hotel $ 15. I have not seen such a customer handling in any hotel in the world. Leaving the eyes of full tears from the resentment and humiliation. More in Egypt never!

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Egypt Personal experience

"Mostravel" Not responsible for your safety

November 4, 2007 Company "Mostravel" Granted a transfer from the hotel to the airport in Hurghada, according to the terms of the contract. But the transfer was provided with a delay of 1 hour (at 20:00 local time instead of the local time announced in advance). Since the road to the airport is 200 km, the driver is due to the desire to catch the missed time (from the words of the accompanying representative "Mostravel") And as soon as possible, I drove with a significant impairment of the speed regime (instead of the 90 km / h on the highway, its velocity was about 140 km / h). At the same time, constantly creating emergency situations (departure to the oncoming lane, the passage of turns on the verge of coupling capabilities of the car tires with a significant departure to the sidelines and T.D.). The repeated requirements of passengers in the cabin about limiting the speed of movement and more accurate ride were ignored both by the minibus driver and the representative "Mostravel" and met only smiles.

At the entrance to the city of El Causer, the driver noticed a police station and to avoid punishment, made emergency braking with high speed (about 140 km / h), which led to a turn of the minibus (rear axle dialing clockwise), followed by the continuation of the movement in perpendicular The direction relative to the roadway to the restrictive road border. Jumping over a border, a minibus overturned on the left side. As a result of accidents, all passengers were injured. In particular, my left hand (torn wounds) is damaged as a result of contacting hands with asphalt and glass fragments as a result of a fall, and also broke 4 finger on the right hand due to a heavy metal suitcase on it of one of the passengers (since the driver has placed the cargo Passengers in violating the requirements of the rules for transportation of goods and passengers in the cabin passage). My wife also damaged left hand (torn wounds) as a result of contacting hands with asphalt and glass fragments, broken brush right hand, multiple bruises of ribs and backs, as well as a crack in the rib. Everything is proven by a survey in the trauma immediately by arriving in Moscow. In addition, three passengers were injured by the knee so serious that with difficulty moved independently, not to mention the risen wounds.

The incident is fully recorded by the representatives of the Egyptian police in El Causer, since the accident occurred opposite the police station, and they witnessed. All of our attempts to fix the scene at the camera met active resistance from the accompanying employee "Mostravel", Up to attempts to take away cameras, from which it can be concluded that the company is extremely interested in bringing sophisticate. And this despite the fact that he was obliged to try to assist us with all possible methods. In addition, the employee could not speak not only in our, but even on elementary English (as such people can be hired?). To our requirements to issue a protocol of the incident he answered not understanding.

In the light of the foregoing, there are significant disadvantages in the presented tourist product, including significant violations of the quality and safety of the tourist product, which arose due to the irresponsible relationship of the company’s employees "Mostravel" to hire and verify drivers, matching the qualifications of drivers responsible for ensuring safe transportation of customers.

On all of the foregoing, I received a response signed by Mr. Mamedova.D. (gene.Director of the company "Mostravel"),

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Egypt Personal experience

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