Tips and recommendations on a trip to Cyprus

Tips in the restaurant usually make up 10% of the account amount and 3% in favor of the Cyprus organization on tourism. In the hotel it is customary to leave a few coins maid. In a taxi usually the amount is rounded to an integer in the whole.

Photo and video shooting

For photo and filming in state museums, you need to get a special permission, and the request is sent in writing. It is forbidden to photograph the border zone between the two parts of Cyprus, soldiers and military facilities. In addition, in churches, as a rule, photo and video photography is also prohibited.

Clothing and appearance

When visiting the monasteries and churches, women should be in skirts, and not in pants, as well as with covered shoulders, and men – in pants, and not in shorts.

System of Mer

Despite the domination of the metric system of measures and weights, the basic measure of weight in Cyprus is drachma (100 draughters are 320 gr.).

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Cyprus


Electrical voltage – 240 V., 50 Hz. Flat three-pin sockets with grounding are used, adapter is needed.


From May to September, from 13.00 to 16.00 in Cyprus Siesta (afternoon holiday), many institutions at this time do not work.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Cyprus

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