Tips and recommendations on a trip to Croatia

Should exercise extreme caution while traveling in Eastern Slavonia (northeast of Croatia), and areas adjacent to the border with Serbia. Until now, these places are saved hundreds of thousands of mines left over from the last Yugoslav wars of 1991-1996,. Especially dangerous are the areas adjacent to the city of Vukovar and Osijek. No less cautious in terms of minutes should be exercised in central Croatia, around the towns of Knin and Plitvice waterfalls. Rules are simple enough – do not go to the main roads and trails, and in any case do not get into the abandoned houses and buildings.


Independent mining of corals is forbidden and severely punished.


Line voltage – 220 V, frequency 50 Hz., uses standard sockets and plugs with round plugs, but due to intensive reconstruction of many hotels under the European standards, becoming more common European standard sockets.


Reviews and studies of trips

Results of a trip to the Balkans on a motorcycle. 11 830 km, 35 days and 22 countries

Screw 11,830 kilometers in 22 countries, among them Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and already familiar countries like Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany or Switzerland. Read more →

gessor | Autumn 2015


Run – the city in Croatia, in the calamation of Karlovac. The neighborhood of the city is very picturesque. In the vicinity of Slunj large number of waterfalls on Slunchitse and the Koran, attracting the attention of tourists Read more →

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Croatia

The very Plitvice Lakes

So, about 10.00 am, we moved to the side of the park. The park is very large, mountainous terrain. And how can it walk with the child, who barely knows how to walk? Like this! Read more →

kateber | September 2015

In Croatia on a car from Moscow. Zagreb

How does the capital of Croatia look like? I would say somehow very modest, but at the same time cute. We visited the center. Rose to the funicular to the top of the city. Read more →

kateber | September 2014

Several practical Soviets for Balkans

From thessalonik in Albania you can take a different ways, the most optimal public transport bus from the railway station, to Shkoder costs 30 euros. The bus itself goes to Tirana. Read more →

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