Tips and recommendations on a trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered in general a safe country. The overwhelming part of the registered crimes is not violent, but associated with fraud. Pocket thefts are most dangerous, which are easy to avoid observance of the simplest precautions. In the central regions of San Jose, it is recommended to be careful, not to carry large sums of cash, tickets or passports. Never trust anyone except the doissy and certified porters who are easy to find out on workwear. Theft of cars and things of them are also quite common. Otherwise, the criminal situation in the country is quite calm.

An unpleasant feature of most streets of provincial settlements are very dirty sidewalks, pits and waste ditches are practically not covered and present a serious danger, especially at night.

The laws

In Costa Rica, there is a law according to which any person must have documents certifying. For foreigners, this means a mandatory presence of passports or its photocopies (pages with a photo and surname, as well as with an entry visa stamp).


Streets of the capital and major cities are clean and very picturesque. At each corner and each institution has pointers (if they, of course, are closed by advertising shields), so navigate the city is easy. However, the numbering of houses is quite unusual, that is, immediately at home No. 603 may go, for example, No. 605 with the complete absence of intermediate numbers. Therefore, in addresses, as a rule, only the number of the mailbox is indicated, and not the present address, and to visit a particular institution, it is recommended to first call the owner and learn how to him.


Since Kostarikans start the day very early, many institutions to 16.00 Already closed and even restaurants in the evening closes early – to 22.00 Many of them are empty or closed. The waiters tend to approach the table only on the call of the guest and do not flame with the annoying proposals every few minutes.


Non-smoking rooms are ordinary only in the most expensive establishments. The locals themselves are smoking very much, and respects here are cigar and cigarilli here, so in many bars and cafe in the air there is a dense tobacco smoke.


Voltage in power grid 110-120 V., 60 Hz. American-type plugs, flat twin, in the overwhelming majority – with grounding. In most hotels, you can meet the European type sockets.


Tips, as a rule, amount to 5-10% of the cost specified in the account (plus a commercial tax of 15%), but often they are already included in the account. It is customary to give tips in a restaurant, a porter, a maid ($ 0.5), driver and a guide ($ 1-5 per day per person). In taxi tips are not required. All hotels add to the account of a service tax (10%) Plus 3 percent tourist tax.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Tips and recommendations on a trip to Costa Rica

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