Tips and recommendations on a trip to China

With you, you should always have a visit to a hotel with a Chinese inscription or filled with any Chinese (translator). This will make it difficult to get lost in the intricatement of local streets and always clarify the locals that you are a foreigner, because due to the complexity of the language remember even a dozen local words problematic.

The entrance to the territory of stations is rigidly controlled and without a ticket inside not allowed.


A sign of respect is considered to take and submit anything with both hands.


Incasively independent visits to some areas near the border with Laos and Myanmar, as well as the Tibet district, to visit which a special visa is necessary. Tibet It is most convenient to visit with a group by a predetermined route.

In the street markets, Beijing is to be on guard – some sellers do not mind to calculate the foreigner, and in the fuss and the slower of the narrow trading rows often operate pockets.

Photo and video shooting

Photo and video filming in temples and museums is prohibited. In some places, shooting is allowed only for an additional fee. Photographing government agencies and strategic objects (even bridges and dams) are not recommended. According to the new Criminal Code, a criminal offense is photographing without warning, as well as a video in public places where there are no relevant authorizing tablets.


Tips and recommendations on a trip to China

Metric system. Often, instead of a kilogram, a Chinese weight unit is used "Zhin" ("Dzin") equal to about 0.5 kg.


Voltage in the mains 220 V., 50 Hz., The plugs meet both three-stroke (western sample) and twin (both flat and round).


From May 1, 2008, smoking is prohibited in establishments of catering. Prior to that, such restrictions were introduced to smoking in a taxi, in government agencies, at sports facilities, in hotels and in cinemas, as well as other places of mass recreation. Violation of the ban on smoking will fight a serious fine.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to China

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