Tips and recommendations on a trip to Canada

US dollars in Canada are not taken everywhere. Attitude towards them, especially to major bills, pretty alert. Some branches of banks change US dollars only to their regular customers, and only traveler checks are taken from foreigners. In major Canadian banks, such problems usually do not occur, but preference is still given by non-cash payments of the calculation. In Canada, street changed or "Black" There are simply no foreign exchange market, therefore, from the proposals to exchange currency "with hand" should be refused immediately – most likely this is a clear fraud.

Foreign citizens have the right to return the tax included in the purchase price, when exporting goods. To do this, it is necessary to issue a special check in the store and present it at customs. In addition, the return of the hotel fee (about $ 5 per day). On these issues, you can consult in the customs service of the province, where you are, since the conditions for the return of VAT in different provinces are somewhat different.

Standard of living

Canada – a developed and civilized state, with a superbly developed infrastructure of everything, which can dream of tourist: transport, accommodation, banks, food, museums. Airplanes fly everywhere, everywhere there are buses, everywhere there are hotels with motels, everywhere everything is clear and extremely clear. Now about the dark side of the question – traveling on Canada can be either very cheap or fabled road. And it already depends on how tourist himself prepared for the trip. First of all, axiom – the sooner you are able to plan your trips, the cheaper your tickets will be. A hypothetical flight ticket from Toronto to Vancouver (the distance equivalent flight from Moscow to Irkutsk), bought for two months can cost only $ 200 for a month, 400 dollars per week, 600 dollars, and a day all 600. The same applies to tickets for buses and trains. All this is recommended to book and pay in advance over the Internet with a credit card.


Tips in most institutions make up 10-15% of the cost of services.


Consumption and sale of alcohol are legalized in all provinces, but alcoholic beverages can be purchased mainly in restaurants, bars or state stores. In supermarkets and private stores beer and wine are not sold. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are sold on the night and daytime tariffs that differ in some provinces very significantly. In some Quebec restaurants you can bring wine with you. In some stores and restaurants there are messengers that pack purchased goods and attribute to the machine or even, for a fee, will be delivered to the specified location.


The crime situation is quite ambiguous. On the one hand, the overall level of crime in the country is low, security on the streets is supported strictly. On the other hand, the number of pocket theft and abduction of the handbags has increased recently. Also frequent incidents with the participation of young people, especially from the number of emigrant communities, and crimes committed under the influence of drugs. Tourists should be maximally vigilant in the outskirts of Ottawa and Montreal, at the main stations, in the subway, buses, trams, and especially in the vicinity "Black" Quarters. Do not leave the view of the handbags, mobile phones and other valuable things. Keep with you a minimum amount of cash, do not take with you all credit cards and documents. Valuable things, major amounts of money, documents with important personal information leave if possible in a safe place (for example, in the hotel’s safe).

Travel features

Before you vote on the roads or put a tent in rural areas, it is useful to learn from the administration of the park or district, as well as in the tourist company office how much this area is. And this applies not so much to the danger of attacking people, how much to the likelihood of collision with wild animals, the number of which is large enough. Dilute fires or put tents only in specially designated places, otherwise there can be a fairly large fine or administrative measures.


Tips and recommendations on a trip to Canada

Voltage in the power grid is 110 V., 60 Hz. Standard North American Sockets, With Grounding.

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Tips and recommendations on a trip to Canada

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