Tips and recommendations on a trip to Cambodia: Personal Experience

Cambodia, Phnom Penh – Chaos)))) All prices in dollars, in cafes, restaurants, taxis, markets, and t.D. Huge amount of dirt, beggars and very poor people. Childrens are delighted with ice cream bought them. Very depressing impression – luxury and terrible poverty.

Prices for fruits, seafood on the market are proceedable, if the price is worth the price and it for everyone, then in Cambodia they are called the incomplete price and when you leave, do not even try to stop you and bargain, in the hope that the other Farag will come and buy.

There are supermarkets with normal prices for fruit and so on, he is called Pensil – I recommend everything there to buy.

At the entrance filled a bunch of papers – a declaration, an immigration card, a health status info. Important – when designing online visas, print in 2 copies. approval, as they will demand it on the way back, and may not require.

Organized transfer from Koh Chang in Siem Reep

During the day of moving from Koh Chang in Siem Riep 2 days ago on an organized transfer (for which I had never had special complaints when I moved along Thailand in various directions) I had to go through the Solunka team from almost all Asian divorces and tricks that saw in different countries for 12 years.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Cambodia Personal experience

If someone wants the illusion of organizedness and "OK" Elderly feeling for the sake of the idea to save five or ten bucks, while not sorry for his own impression of Cambodia, hours of meaningless waiting and powerlessness from what you are bred at every step, then you are on an organized transfer. From Koh Chang and neighboring Islands Archipelago Transfer costs from 300 to 2500 BATT (OK. 10 – 75 dollars), and the conditions and the company is the same (D.D. Muek Travel will be written on your ticket). I know, because for the day of the inquiries, I was put forward with all minibas (our group from beginning to end) and it was just such a variation of prices.

I repeat that the conditions were all the same, so do not be deceived by the fact that your group transfer is more expensive – for these couples in many stories, it was convinced that the scheme is one and the company is one, at least from Khanga. From Bangkok, the situation is similar, if you take a cheap transfer. There are some buses on which this scheme does not work. Read more, by the way, describing how it is and what is bred from Bangkok, and from Koh Chang – right here, however, in English. The scheme is placed nicely for several years, and in English, it is written in English, I regret that I did not seek before.

In general, consider the price of this ticket, whatever they – is that you pay the Thai side. In the standard case, further costs will be added 500 baht to the value of the visa (not 700, 20 dollars, and 1200 without a photo and from 1300 without a photo), that is, to the initial cost plus 15 bucks from above for a visa, and 100 baht will ask the tubers already in Siem Riyep when you get to 8pm (in some shed in the alleys, from where you will be ready to get out for any money at this time of day), if you already have a hotel in the city and "is free" with a tour of 4-5 hotels in the city, if you have no place to stay. I think, should not be explained why free and that hotels will not be the best and not cheapest, including because of the share of tukers. Tukers there are very khamskie and arrogant, and in general it can not be called differently, as an organized mafia, you simply have no choice and other tubers there are also no, so either you are in a good way with them, or you stay there at night near this shed.

Another hour at 3 days (when you, according to your hopes and promises of Thai sales agencies, should already approach Siem Reipa) you will be offered not to get to 4, and in 2 hours and without waiting ("Minivan goes right now"), And this is another 200 baht with a person and do not believe that you will be delivered to the hotel, you will be brought to the same barn just half an hour earlier, and there will again be the same tackers. So made some of our group and the next day they were spoiled from this minivan and driver, and both they and we went to the room of your pre-booked hotel in 9.40 pm!

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