Tips and recommendations on a trip to Bulgaria: Personal experience

1. If in the morning it is good to sleep, then you have a good breakfast, then lie down, then shifty the belly, and then swim in the pool, and to 13-00 to go to ride, then you can buy Skipas for that day in those who have already ride in the morning at 50- 70 %% cheaper. ) Lifts work up to 16-00.

2. If you arrived by car, then you can drive to the main Pollands of the Bandirls or Shiligarnik and from there start riding. So you in the literal sense leave the queue for Gondola. And as a bonus – a very picturesque mountain road. By the way parking there was at this time free. Cassians I saw there too.

Be careful – Bulgarians on the little things are bred for money!

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Bulgaria Personal experience

Small ravenly everywhere. Sunbed – 8 Levs, but he is with a bedding + 3 lev. Fish 14 leva, and to her sauce + 4 lev. Entrance to Water Park 33, but even surcharge for safe. For entry into the resort – pay! Cherry 4 Lev, but I have no surrender. The hotel had an old man and sold fruit every day. More expensive than in the store, but then there is somehow old. So he almost always did not have delivery! He ate something? Come tomorrow. And tomorrow I did not differ from yesterday!

Boiled corn on the beach is cold and not tasty. Ice cream from automatic machines watery and slowly sweet, it is better to take balls. In no case, do not order in the cafes of coffee in Irish or pasta – you will be extremely surprised. Currency is changing only in the hotel exchanger or in a bank (be sure to have a passport or rights). Some banks take the commission.Better from the cashier to ask how many levs you get for your euro. It is better to ask, even when everything seems obvious than getting into trouble. Prices in the center are almost 1.5 times higher than on the outskirts. Cosmetics with pink oil cheaper in a pharmacy or in large supermarkets.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Bulgaria Personal experience

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