Tips and recommendations on a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Dukesign – relatively safe for tourist Country in terms of criminal situation. At the same time, a serious problem is an interethnic enmity and fragmentation. The three main communities that make up the population of the Federation (Muslim Bosniki, Croats and Serbs), to this day live completely separately in the enclaves and intersect little in ordinary life. Some Serbians cannot be reached by public transport, or vice versa – to leave them to Muslim quarters.

There is a very high unemployment rate in the country, which is the cause of serious social tensions in society.

It is recommended to avoid isolated areas, including deleted areas of settlements, after the occurrence of darkness. On the household level, the cases of small fraud or allegedly suddenly appeared to the language barrier, therefore should be especially thorough when discussing financial issues and never give money forward, before providing services.

Until recently, there was a certain risk to be in the area of ​​terrorist attacks, which are usually undertaken against religious places "nasty side", as well as against civil facilities, including places that are often visited by foreigners. Now the situation as a whole has normalized, but we follow the tourist to exercise in any case caution and follow the situation in the country.

Ethnic groups and conflicts

Bosnia and Dukesign are actually divided into three large enclaves on the national basis, which applies to the external borders of the country. The North and Eastern part of Bosnia and Dukesign are under the control of the Serbs (t.N Serbian Krain), South of the country and part of the border with Croatia control Muslims, and West countries – Croats.

It is categorically not recommended to demonstrate their political sympathies, if you are not sure who you have. Externally, the inhabitants of Bosnia and Ducagovyna do not differ from each other, but it is easy to guess that an innocent comment on the subject of last Balkan war can not always cause an adequate reaction. Needless to say, with great care, you should consider the purchase of souvenirs of political properties, like, for example, popular in the Serbian part of T-shirts "Great Serbia is a reality",or with portraits of Serbian leaders Karadzhich and Mladic. The appearance with such souvenirs in the Muslim part will entail extremely severe consequences.

Some border areas between compactly residing ethnic groups are controlled by international peacekeeping forces (SFOR). In the blocks and stages of SFOR, the inspection of documents, including the passengers of vehicles, as well as searches and other control procedures, which are highly slowing down traffic on roads and taking a long time.


Voltage in the mains 220 V, 50 Hz. European-type plugs with two pins. Turning off electricity are quite commonplace, especially in the period from November to April. Most high-categorized hotels and restaurants have duplicate electric generators.

System of Mer

Metric measures and weights system.


The first floor in the country’s hotels is considered "zero", Then there is a floor "A", And only then – the first, second, third and so on. Basement floor is indicated as "-1".


Bosnia-Herzogovin is considered one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, but in relation to the usual tourist it can manifest except when communicating with police officers, if you took the car rental. There are attempts to mislead, call the overestimated amounts of the fine, demand immediate cash payment (according to the law the payment goes through the bank) and so on. If you have a similar situation, you should behave calmly, do not sign any papers if you do not speak language and cannot from read, if the question is not solved on the spot, to propose a police officer to drive together to the police station to meet with his leadership.


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Tips and recommendations on a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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