Tips and recommendations on a trip to Belgium

The crime situation is quite ambiguous. On the one hand, the overall level of crime in the country is extremely low, security on the streets is supported very strictly. On the other hand, the number of pocket thefts and the abduction of the ladies’ handbags lately slightly increased. Also frequent incidents with the participation of young people, especially from the number of emigrant communities, and crimes committed under the influence of drugs. Tourists should be the most vigilant in Brussels on the three main stations of the city, in the subway, buses, trams, and especially – in the vicinity of the quarter "Rondpoint Schuman" (here are the establishments of the European Union). Do not leave the view of the handbags, mobile phones and other valuable things. Keep with you a minimum amount of cash, do not take with you all credit cards and documents. Valuable things, major amounts of money, documents with important personal information leave if possible in a safe place (for example, in the hotel’s safe).

When communicating with local residents, the criticism of the Royal Family and the Institutes of the Kingdom should be avoided, as well as any topics relating to inter-ethnic relations. A sign of bad tone is considered to compare Belgium with France or copy the local accent.

The laws

According to the laws of Belgium, everyone must have any official document confirming his identity for presenting to the first request of the police. For a tourist for this purpose, there is enough to have a passport or a hotel card, in which the guest’s personality can confirm.

Restaurants and tips

In the country a huge number of restaurants on all tastes and any wallet. At the same time, the number of bistro and cheap snack bars is quite small. The most inexpensive way "Dove" – numerous cafes (in Flanders they are called "Eetcafe"), each with its kitchen, often quite exquisite, but inexpensive. At home and even in the restaurant the Belgians most often do not order a full lunch, but they eat enough enough, but a lot. Tips are officially included in all accounts, but in cafes and restaurants you can leave for service 5-10% of the account amount.

In Belgium, from January 1, 2004, a limit on trading transactions with cash transactions was introduced. From the new year, it is possible to acquire cash for cash, whose cost does not exceed 15 thousand. Euro. If the purchase price is higher than this amount, you will have to pay a bank card and check.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Belgium


Voltage in the network 220 V, 50 Hz. Standard European sockets.

Behavior on the streets

In the Belgian region of Vallonia from February 2009, there is a rigid system of fines for environmental pollution. For each abandoned cigarette, a tin can, a piece of paper, or sprinkle to the ground, a bumper will pay 50 euros. For thrust past the urn, a plastic bottle or a package with garbage a fine will be 150 euros. For more serious environmental crimes there are criminal proceedings. Monitor compliance with frequency in public places and charge fines are called upon over thousands of agents specifically hired by utility authorities.

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