Tips and recommendations on a trip to Azerbaijan: Personal experience

went on a personal car to visit, surprisingly none of the police stopped. At the customs on the way back, 20 hours of toilet stood in a terrible state, and in 2010 when they went through the same route of the cops as they see that the car rides with our numbers immediately stop the money rapidly and the money was withdrawn. At all regretted what drove on the car. And so think before you go there. So the Azerbaijani people are good-natured normally relate to the our nation – no one is rattling a finger and other things, e and fools among all nations enough. Momka I have our, all my life lives there and no problems, even sometimes when contacting the administration of the city of Shamkira, all problems that have arisen solved quickly and bribes and in Russia take cops

Extortion in Azerbaijan

Rested in Azerbaijan for almost a month, almost everything was wonderful, but.

Right when leaving the station building, I was with my wife, our citizens, were taken to the police and, without preventing any accusations, without causing anyone from the embassy, ​​they arranged a search and interrogation, the meaning of which was coming down to the following: "And who are you, ours, called here?"

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Azerbaijan Personal experience

And when landing in a train, some uncle with a touchpoint took our passports, motivating this by the fact that they have no registration in the police, although they need to register after 30 days (and we stayed 28). "Go, "says," complain, and the train will go away". Gave the documents only after all the money is found out of us. Drove hungry 2 days.

So if someone goes, I advise you to first invite (meet, accomplish) a representative of the our Embassy.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Azerbaijan Personal experience

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