Tips and recommendations on a trip to Azerbaijan

Usually when exchanging currency, when paying for a product or service in foreign currency, refuses to take dollar bills of release until 1992., as well as dilapidated or torn banknotes. It is recommended to have more banknotes of a small nominal value and change currency only within the alleged expenses. The exchange rate in banks and exchange offices is slightly different.

Sometimes not a numeral, but slang notes based on a characteristic figure on a banknote (such as bills of 10 thousand. Manat is called "Shirvan" Because of the Shirvan Shah Palace shown on it).


Local policemen are quite strict (often even unnecessary) to any violations of public order. Mzduchi among them, though it is often found quite, but most often all the controversial issues can be resolved and without a violation of the law. It is recommended to always have a passport – this greatly facilitates the relationship with the police.

Questions related to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijani authorities consider a criminal offense to visit the Nagorno-Karabakh controlled by Armenia. In case the tourist visited Armenia, there are marks in his passport – almost always inevitable interrogation with addiction on the fact that he did in Armenia and did not attend Karabakh. It is necessary to take these things with all seriousness, since, if it turns out that you have been in Karabakh (for example, you confess on the border, or a search will be searched and the testimony of visits in the form of photos on a digital camera, or the Karabakh map) – Azerbaijani police can delay you and hold some time under arrest. Several similar cases took place with our tourists.


Of all three of the books-country republics, Azerbaijan is most allocated to non-corruption and extortion of cash from border guards, customs and police. Employees of ground border crossings with Russia and Georgia differ to special lawlessness;. It is likely that the best advice for tourists will categorically refuse to rent a car in Azerbaijan (every second post of police will require MZDU for travel), and minimize the number of border crossings with neighboring states, especially with Russia, where the situation is most unpleasant.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Azerbaijan

Everywhere, especially in private stores and in the markets, you should bargain – with a certain ability to bring down the price of two times fairly easy.


Tips in many restaurants are 5-10% of the account amount, if the mention is missing about it in the menu, then you can add to the amount of the account of 10% (sometimes in advance, it will speed up the service). Porter at the airport or in the hotel you can leave 5-10 manat, depending on the number of baggage. In taxi, tips are not accepted, it is recommended to coordinate the fare in advance (the taxi drivers are usually not accepted).


Voltage in the power grid is 220/240 V., 50 Hz. Standard are Eastern European-type sockets with two pins.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Azerbaijan

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