Tips and recommendations on a trip to Australia: personal experience

We drove all the coast on the car. From Adelaide, through Melbourne, Sydney and flew home from Kurs. Most of the most poisonous reptiles of the world are in Australia.

Going in the holder of the cafe in the weave, immediately flew. Find out what kind of breed that pachechek, there was no desire. Exactly such in the internet are indicated as very poisonous. If there is no grid, the windows at night it is better not to open.

Our traveler after the rain went to walk in the forest. Remove huge leeches from him. The girl beat in Exterk and refused to help a friend. Then the same fellow traveler decided to sunbathe on the dunes. Ants accepted him for a great lunch. What healthy ants there.

Bathe on the coast can only be in place. Crocodiles in Australia swim in the sea. Even there Medolore and Akulki.

At night you need to be very accuracy. We almost shot down kangaroo. This cattle hit headlights solemnly froze in place. Good that we went not quickly.

In general, it was very cool) oyster farm. Banana and grape plantations. Fabulous opals. The most chic pearl necklace from Australia. And what is the meat of rams. And which wines. Big reef and mad Sydney. About nature and animal world can write and write. Covered the whole luggage leaves of eucalyptus. Dried shifted into the closet. Until now, no moth and smell of Australia in the closet)))

In winter in Australia, the season and very hot

Keep in mind that in the winter there is season and very hot. If you would like to travel and lay on the sights, I would advise February – March

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Australia Personal experience

And of course, prices are there on food in restaurants and T.N. pubs, like, by the way, accommodation is not very budget, it is better to take care of the latest in advance

The main dish (the portions are large, but completely tasteless) in the medium pub in the province – about $ 20 as of 2010

Normal prices for food in Fudcorts and supermarkets. Note that 0.5 some cola of the refrigerator at the dressing station will cost you bucks at 6 :)), so it’s better to store so better in the same supermarkets

Z.NS. I remembered another attraction in South Australia – German village Handorf. There is a tubering plantation, on which we were collected in March, and you can eat it straight there as much as it gets, but if you need to weigh and pay) in general, curious expirers))

Consider as option Route from Melbourne to Adelaide by Great Ocean Road. But you have to take a car, of course, it is possible to see the sights of the sights, in particular, the apostles, reserves with freely awesome kangaroo, ostriches and koalas, which can be fed, the Barossa Valley wine valley in South Australia (the capital is Adelaide) and still a bunch of. Google to the rescue

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Australia Personal experience

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