Tips and recommendations on a trip to Armenia

Almost all Armenia – Mountain, so the lack of oxygen in the air is quite clearly. Dry air creates additional difficulties. The mountain climate also brings its difficulties – in the summer, it’s hot in the summer, and at night it is cold enough. That in the conditions of mountainous terrain, again, is transferred harder than on the plain.


Centralized heating in most houses no, with water supply also there are often interruptions. Despite this, almost everywhere purely, and the inhabitants of the country do not cease to surprise visitors with their tidy and cleanliness that in such conditions it is clearly not easy.

our status

our language almost disappeared from official everybody, although it is still widely used as a language of interconnectional communication, as well as in the field of trade and small businesses. But many residents of more than 25 years understand in our.

National character

Armenians at first glance are very emotional and hot-tempered. But it is only "The outer side of the medal". By nature, this is very proud, discreet and courageous people, famous for their traditions of hospitality and tolerance for a manifestation of someone else’s opinion. Locals are amazingly friendly and full of self-esteem, which is transferred to the guests of the country. Even such noticeable previously manifestations of inter-ethnic contradictions have been practically not noticeable lately.

Standard of living

Extremely few beggars, even in the area of ​​churches or tourist attractions, there are practically no. But poverty makes itself felt – overestimated prices "For tourist" In a taxi or restaurant no longer. Although in most cases to give money to Armenian "just" still mean seriously offending him. Even the guards of the order constantly accused of corruption, in practice, are guided by some of their own, the special Code of honor, and at the same time preserve benevolence even to the violators of the order (in the easy case, naturally). Rudeness on the street or in the store – in general a phenomenon from a series of outgoing.


Relations inside the family (and they will surely come up with them when traveling in Armenia, because sooner or later the guest receives an invitation to a family celebration, and most small outlets are "Family business") calm and emphasized respectful. Everything is subordinate to the ancient rites, although they are so simple and natural that they do not get into the eyes at all. Center at home – table, and all that is connected with it. A feast is a kind of ritual of communication, he is paid here. Huge attention. At the table is made not so much to eat food, how much to communicate with people, listen and talk. Armenian toasts – an indispensable condition for any solemn feast. This is a separate culture layer, and the more meaning in the toxte and humor, the better. If someone wants to take the floor, it is necessary to ask the permission from the Tamada. Interrupt the lead here is not accepted. Children in Armenian families are allowed to sit near adults – it is believed that for a child it is a school life. Women are also equal participants in the feast, so sooner or later, even the most modest dinner converts into something similar to a meeting of a small club.


Tips and recommendations on a trip to Armenia

The Armenian Church is close to the Orthodox, very noticeable and the influence of Catholicism – the walls in Armenian temples are decorated with paintings, the service accompanies the body, the Armenians are baptized from left to right, like Catholics, but three fingers, as Orthodox (and then apply her hand to the chest – no one does ). The Armenian Church, along with Copt, Ethiopian and Syrian, refers to the number of Ancient Orthodox Churches, therefore, the order of serving in them closer to the Orthodox. Armenians are famous for their piousness, and at the same time – amazingly calm attitude to respecting rituals or canons. On the days of large holidays and on Sunday liturgies in the Armenian temples, there is nowhere to fall. But no one puts on specifically for the service of modest clothes, women do not necessarily visit the temple with the beloved head and even unbelieving entrance to the temple is not closed. Many rituals are very different from usually, the custom of animal sacrifices is especially striking"Mata", Meat sacrificial animals after the rite is given to the poor).


Tips in most establishments are 5%, but in high-class establishments, if the service fee is not included in the account, it is recommended to leave "tips" 10% of the account amount. In other places you can just leave. In the markets it is accepted to bargain. Prices in most stores fixed.


Voltage in the mains 220 V., 50 Hz. Outlets are usually two-contact, "Soviet Sample", Only in major hotels of the capital you can find the sockets of the European Standard.


Traveling through the eastern part of Armenia, and in particular, being in Nagorno-Karabakh, caution should be taken, photographing those or other objects that can be attributed to public institutions, or military units. These regions of the country are particularly militarized due to proximity to Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, whose status is not defined, and a military situation persists. It is categorically not to photograph bridges, airports, antennas, military equipment and servicemen themselves. In addition, most of the Nagorno-Karabakh is limited to free visits, and formally require permits both for travel and photographing. Due to some bureaucratic chaos, it is not always clear where permission is needed, and where. At the same time, the military themselves, in any case, show high vigilance against tourists, suspecting them in an illegal entry and stay.

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