Tips and recommendations on a trip to Argentina

Until recently, Argentina was a fairly expensive country, but the economic disadvantages of recent times led to a sharp drop in the peso course, which caused a sharp decline in price level. But dual prices came into use – one, more, for foreigners, the other is smaller, for subjects of Argentina.


Safety situation in the country is quite calm. In the capital and other major cities where many beggars and "Suggested elements", There is a risk to face fraud (it is especially common in the exchange of currency) or small theft, in the rural areas of the country of theft or deception of guests are unthinkable from the point of view of morality. There are many idle people on the streets, especially youth (Argentina in general a very young country), offering to scratch the car, bring something or look after things, but trust such "Assistants" Not worth it.

It is not recommended alone to leave the limits of tourist centers (especially in the evening) and attend some residential areas (separation on "rich" and "poor" Areas here are observed very clearly) or sit in cars that have no signs of the official taxi.

It is recommended to follow the rules of elementary safety: do not carry a large amount of money and decorations, not to demonstrate an expensive photo and video equipment, do not leave things on curbs or benches and so on.


In October 2006, an anti-pacary law was commissioned in the country, according to which smoking in public places is prohibited, at the same time, in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, it is possible to smoke only in special, isolated from non-smoking customers, areas of which should not be less than 100 sq.M.


Tips and recommendations on a trip to Argentina

Tips are required, usually 5-10% of the amount of the account, in expensive vests, tips are often inclusive in the account. In the markets and in private shops you can bargain.


Voltage in the mains 220 V, 50 Hz. Rosettes in old buildings are usually round, with two pins, in some new buildings used "Flat" Three-pin socket.

System of Mer

Metric measures and scales system, but in rural areas, old lengths of length and weight are often used, like "League" (approximately 5 km) or pounds.

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