Tips and recommendations on a trip to Anguilla

A characteristic feature of local toponymics is the very similar sound of many geographic objects or settlements. Indeed, if you look at the card, we find solid Sandy, Bay, Hill and Island. Taking into account the peculiarities of the local pronunciation, many settlements are simply impossible to distinguish with rumor, so it is recommended to make a trip route in advance, specifying the nuances on the map or at the hotel staff, more aware in the features of local vocabulary. Local residents themselves are often not focused on geographic objects, but by the names of the resorts.


Anguilla and adjacent islands are considered one of the safest countries of the Caribbean. The crime rate here is low, and the violent offenses are fixed as something from a series of outgoing. To comply with personal security here is sufficient to comply with reasonable precautions.

All shores are public, and access to them should not be limited. However, many hotels have their fenced territory, which does not propagate, however, directly to the beach itself.

Alcohol and smoking

The age with which the alcoholic drinks in public places is allowed is less determined in 16 years. Smoking in many public places is limited.


Voltage in the network 110/220 V, 60 Hz. Plugs usually American type (type A), rectangular, with two flat pins.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Anguilla

System of Mer

The system of measures and scales is imperial, but in many trading points of tourist areas, it is often on a par with it elements of a metric system.

Price level

Anguilla is considered a fairly expensive resort – the price level here approximately corresponds to the azure coast of France or fashionable resorts of Florida. Prices in first-class hotels start with $ 200-250 per day depending on the season, and the mid-level hotels are requested for accommodation $ 75-200 per day. In restaurants you can dine, as they say, "from $ 50 to infinity", However, numerous private cafes and fish cuisine restaurants fully allow to spend time for a more modest amount.

Car rental fee, boats (boats) or diving equipment begins with sums close to $ 100. At the same time, hotels, car agencies and many restaurants designate prices in US dollars, while most local shops use prices in East Caribbean dollars, which serves an infinite source of misunderstandings.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Anguilla

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