Tips and recommendations on a trip to Andorra

The criminal situation in the country is extremely calm, the crime rate is almost zero. The country is categorically prohibited by the activities of unions, political associations and T. D., Therefore, there are no manifestations and strikes.

The laws

Public morals, brought up on strict Catholic soil, is quite strict. Unlike neighboring Spain and France, there are no striptease-bars, pornography is not welcome, nudism is not accepted, sexual minorities do not show themselves, the extramarital connections are not encouraged, and prostitution is prohibited and universally persecuted. The local police without oscillations sends out of the country of any foreigner who violates local laws or just for causing behavior, despite its economic status.


Tips and recommendations on a trip to Andorra

Hotels do not have official categories. Food in hotels is quite diverse, but for breakfast, as a rule, hot dishes are not offered. Most hotels necessarily have their own restaurants and sports grounds, as well as ski storage (or allowed to store equipment equipment). In the Caldea complex, it is permissible to walk only barefoot or in rubber socks, "Slippers" Forbidden.


Payment for services is usually included in the account, waiters and receivers are recommended to give a tip in the amount of 10% of the account.

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