Tips and recommendations on a trip to Abkhazia: personal experience

We went to Abkhazia to the May holidays on your car. And this is what outraged: traffic cops brake cars only with our, Ukrainian and Belarusian numbers. Seeing such a car, running with flocks with wands on the advantage and when it closes the eyes to explicit violations of the rules of the road to the local population (double solid, excess of speed by 40-100 km). About high-speed mode on the roads of Abkhazia I want to say separately. On the entire highway from GGR to Sukhum, the speed limit of 20, 30, 40, 50 and the happiness of 60 km at the same time, the zone of action of these signs is absolutely not clear (the absence of signs of them abolishing, the lack of designations of the majority of settlements).

As mentioned above, these restrictions act on all other than the local population, which does not hide it. So be alert for any bush, a garbage pot or bus stop you can wait a joyful hospitable traffic cop, ready to relieve your wallet for some amount of money.

Separately, I want to remember the Abkhaz drivers who drive as they want, signal, cut, in general, just rude on the roads.

Based on the above, consider ten times before you drive by car in Abkhazia.

Rest in Abkhazia

We drove with children to Abkhazia. I really liked everything, the children still remember a huge monkey in Sukhumi. For those seven days who rested, managed to see a lot of beautiful places: about two days. We went on your car. Ride riding horses about 7 hours (with 4 people paid only 800r., Children were just delighted), prices – freebies.

This year, we did not even think where to go to Sochi or Abkhazia, we will definitely erect in Abkhazia. Shore pure on a ridden. Gorgeous Nature, Mountains, Pure Air, Beautiful Wine. And everything is available financially.

Travel by car: Do not leave the car unattended

Impressions of rest in Abkhazia

Our holiday in Gagra

In August 2007, with her husband went to vacation in Abkhazia, Gagra. As we said, the nature of Abkhazia, the mountains and the sea are beautiful. But this is all good ends.

1. This year, literally for all prices were overestimated. Food is much more expensive than us, and in stores, in general, to buy nothing. Cafes and restaurants a lot, but the menu is not different variety and "Tastiness". All these cats, saziva, khachapuri, chakhokhbili and kebabs are very firmly tired.

2. And starting from the third day of our holiday and until the very end we constantly hurt the belly. And not only with us, because turns in the pharmacy every day were longer, and most importantly, everyone asked "something from stomach disorder or poisoning". Medications 2 times more expensive than we.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Abkhazia Personal experience

3. Finding normal housing in Gagra turned out to be difficult. About the repair there apparently forgotten, but there are no speech about air conditioners. With water, and with both hot and cold, stress.

5. The city is very dirty. Entertainment minimum.

But if you read it, you still decide to go to Abkhazia, buy more medicines with you, take with you as little valuable things as possible, set up an extreme vacation. As an entertainment we advise you to go on a tour of the waterfalls, Lake Ritsa.

Lucky on vacation in Abkhazia

In Abkhazia in 2006. We arrived for the third time. Bribed the clean sea, the possibility of a quiet holiday with his family. Stopped at the same owners in Lidzava on the fish. In the previous year, I got acquainted with vacationers, who during an excursion to Ritu stole a bag, so vigilance decided not to lose, all. But the week of rest did his job.

Once at night, dressed in the courtyard with vacationers of our house not behind one bottle of wine. Nostalgia flooded, extracted Mobile Mobiles from secret places and let’s call home. What is the most insultant – I knew my "Megaphone" There is not catching. In short, going to sleep, phone and me, and the neighbor just put on the bedside tables. Windows and doors due to heat are open, there were no phones in the morning. We did not even contact the police.

The precipitate remained, but the point is not in the place of what happened. A typical case in the resort, in the same Sochi – night theft at every turn. Do not want to spoil your holiday – "Keep track of things", better read "Sandro from Chegema". Iskander all the subtaidal Abkhaz mentality revealed.

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