Tips and recommendations on a trip to Abkhazia

The overall security situation in the country is very ambiguous, although it is no more difficult at all than in any of the southern regions of Russia. On the one hand, the friendliness of local residents and certain efforts of the authorities largely normalized once a very criminogenic situation in Abkhazia. On the other hand, still high levels of small offenses in relation to tourists, fraud, theft and frank deception. It is most brightly traced in the areas of great accumulation of people, but private homeowners try not to spoil their reputation and take very serious measures for the safety of guests. In this regard, the rule is quite common for the entire Caucasus – if a tourist has a friend, a guarantor or a respected person from local – it does not have to wait for special problems. The country is small, everyone knows each other. True, a lot depends on the guest itself, since Abkhaz traditions are still somewhat different from us.

Security on the roads of Abkhazia

On the roads in Abkhazia you need to be very attentive. Locals, especially young people (33% of all accidents account for this category), water the car with truly Caucasian liking, road marking signs and high-speed regime are observed weakly, the technical condition of the fleet also leaves much to be desired. Lights in cities, and sometimes there is simply no, but passing through all the coastal settlements of the road, although it is quite good, but at the height of the season is quite loaded, because it is the only major transportation artery of the country.

At the same time, many provincial roads are of themselves the usual grader or a broken asphalt strip, so breakdowns when driving on the car are not uncommon, and car services are most often far away and silence. Often straight on the roads graze and cattle, not paying the slightest attention to passing cars.

When traveling on your own car, the reinforced attention of local vorauses should be feared, so it is always necessary to close the car even in the case of a short time. Do not leave money, documents and valuable things in the car. According to the Abkhaz Ministry of Internal Affairs, most of the corners and treatments are carried out in the summer period in the Gagra district and in the capital of the republic. The maximum activity of household robbers accounts for the same regions, so intelligent security tools should be taken and in the hotel accommodation, and in the private sector, and on the beach or in the store.

When moving the street, even with one-sided movement should be inspected and in no case to run across the road before moving car, even if it is relatively far! Local drivers in such a situation most often presupport to clickson, and not reset the speed. Marked pedestrian transitions a bit, so the intersection of the road or crossroads with unaccustoms can be a certain problem.

In relations with local law enforcement guards, there are also many difficult moments. On the one hand, as we have, DPS employees are very picky to machines with non-resident numbers and inconspile, love to find fault to any little things and extort MZD. On the other hand, most often they are very friendly and on some minor errors look through the fingers. In case of a serious offense, you can expect long and tedious disassembly of the circumstances of the case in the area. The same applies to crimes against the tourists themselves – the level of their disclosures relatively low, the bureaucratization of the design procedure is also a fair, but all this is unlikely to differ from the orders usual.

Dress code in Abkhazia

Outside the beach to appear in one swimsuit or carriers are categorically not recommended, even having clogged in a pareo or towel. Very disapprovingly, local residents will be reacted to the appearance on the beach in an overlooking swimsuit and even more so – topless. Shorts, open neckline and short skirts are also unacceptable to appear in public places, especially for young people. The notorious excessive attention of local men to the resorts is most often explained by non-compliance with this rule and nothing more. Abkhaz themselves, especially the older generation, dress very neat, modestly and with a known taste, and therefore appreciate similar behavior and in Guest. Young people are usually limped, but also in certain limits.

Attitude with owners

If accommodated accommodation in the private sector, the owner (and often any other resident of this street or even the village) automatically considers the tourist with his guest to whom all the rules of complex local etiquette are distributed. And from the first to the last minute of stay, the guest is in the center of attention of the entire family, relatives and neighbors. He first sits down at the table – the owners do not sit without him, but at the entrance to the house, on the contrary – the guest welcomes the owners first. Special respect, naturally, first of all turns out to be the oldest members of the family and the very chapter, some special discooling of notes of attention to the hostess are not welcome, but not condemned within the framework of common decency. When appears in the room or on the threshold of the house of any extraneous, it is customary to get up, this custom is called "Ahazgylara" and inherent in all Gorso peoples. If this is a woman – only men usually get up, although among close relatives and acquaintances and it is not necessary. Polite for a person whose appearance honored up, is a request to all those present not to bother, and after it should be waiting until the older people sit down and only after that join the feast. However, in public places or in a cafe this rule is not usually complied with – quite enough in respect, just slightly lift from the chair.

Money, bargaining and mutual settlements

Special attention should be paid to everything related to cash calculations. There is an opinion that the Abkhazes are discharged for tourists for any reason and dismiss money in every way. As in any other resort place of the planet, it partly has a basis. However, by virtue of the abundance of offers in the local market from such "Kommersant" Very easy to get rid of choosing another place of residence or nutrition, and simply by contacting local residents for advice – where you can find a need for less money? Nobody will give a bad advice – the country is small and reputation costs expensive. And good entrepreneurs here are still much more than a frank yul. Therefore, in the event of any problems, it is not necessary to enter into any breakdowns and conflicts with clarification of relations – in Abkhazia it is absolutely unproductive. It is much easier without screaming and reproaches to change the incomprehensible conditions and choose something else.

Most often, the originally specified fee is final and trade in the event of any complaints, such as an impermanently working soul or the absence of an air conditioner, is not subject to. Before joining the agreement, it is necessary to bargain and necessary, but only argued and with respect for the owner. There is a simple rule – "You saw everything myself before agreed". Therefore, payment forward here is not the most reasonable way, only after! The same in a restaurant or cafe, where in most cases the dish is prepared right in front of the guest. On the other hand, in the manifestation of due respect and tact, you can always agree on the provision of some additional services for a completely reasonable price, and even at all for free. Yes, there are also unfair owners in the holiday sector, under one or another pretext of money pulling out of tourist. But in small settlements, especially in the mountains, so simply unthinkable. But reverse examples – mass.

Water and electricity in Abkhazia

In many regions of the country, there are still certain problems with water supply and electricity. Find out these nuances should be concluded. Also do not believe in the word "Agents", meeting tourists on bus stations or stations and signing them in "Paradise Bush" For funny money. All promises should be checked before the conclusion of the contract and in the case of their explicit violation – just look for another place, the benefit of the choice is great.

Tips and recommendations on a trip to Abkhazia

Rental of private housing

Rates for the rental of private housing in the republic almost everywhere are the same – for 200-300 rubles per day, it is quite possible to take place on one without special delights, for 500-800 rubles – room. Additional conditions and rates for them are stipulated in advance. You can agree on accommodation with food – here the price is difficult to guess, it all depends on the owners, but on average it will increase the cost of living by a third or even more.

In popular resort places, many experienced tourists use a simple rule – on the Internet there are rates for hotel rooms in the area, then they decrease by a third – this will be the average price for this place from which it is worth starting bargaining. However, recently, the Abkhaz private owners are very actively mastering the Internet, and finding suitable accommodation with specific conditions has become much easier.

Communication with the authorities

Unfortunately, there are no cases of cases of incorrect and often unacceptable attitude of the Abkhaz militia and military on tourists. In particular, this applies to the southern part of the country, Galsk, Ochamchirskiy and Tkvarchalsky districts. The main problem is the corruption of the militia to couple with paranoid spyware. Tourists faced unreasonable quirks and rudeness only because they photographed the conditional house of culture in Tkvarchal, or a destroyed school in Gale. In some cases, tourists were forced to pay a fine for non-existent "Violations", At the same time, no receipts were issued, the protocols were not issued. Sometimes tourists were detained for interrogations, during which the Abkhaz policemen put forward absurd and ridiculous accusations that those "Photographing strategic objects", or "Collect information". As a rule, such incidents ended with extortion among cash tourists.

A visit to Georgia after staying in Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Recently, cases of detention in Georgia of our citizens who have marks in their passports about crossing the border to Abkhazia and South Ossetia in their passports. Despite the fact that these two republics do not put any seals in tourists passports, still marks from the our PPC PSU (border with Abkhazia) and Zamarag (with South Ossetia) are for the Georgian authorities proof of visiting these disputed territories.

Natural dangers

In Abkhazia very strong sun. You can escape even "Not in season", Beach. It is strongly recommended to use sunscreen creams at any time of the year.

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