O. Tioman is among the top ten most beautiful and clean islands of the world. According to the legend, the Chinese Princess Dragon was so conquered by the beauty of these places, which herself decided to turn into the island of Tioman, and without reaching his beloved in Singapore, and promised hospitality and comfort to all wanderers and travelers who stopped on it.

Tioman Island is located 60 km from the east coast of the mainland Malaysia and is the largest in the group of the 64th islands of volcanic origin, which are part of the Pakhang National Park. Tioman Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Asia and is among the top ten most beautiful and clean islands of the world. Nature endowed him with unique beauty, and people surrounded by his haze of ancient legends.
White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water attract tourists from all countries. Along the entire west coast of the island, magnificent beaches werehed by transparent azure waters. Especially this island is famous among diving and snorkeling lovers, transparent waters, colorful corals and many magnificent fish – what else needs a true connoisseur of underwater beauty! Tioman – The island of coral origin, and the local underwater living creatures is like the Fauna of the Red Sea. A lot of monkeys live on land, which are not afraid of tourists at all. If you have white sand, palm trees with coconuts growing on them, with monkeys, azure sea, untouched underwater world – then you must certainly come to Tioman Island! Soft sand, wild flowers of the brightest colors, cool water waterfalls – all this creates a special romantic mood.

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On the island in addition to sport and bathing, you can enjoy a walk through exotic surroundings on a donkey. There is another very interesting view of the excursion – on a boat with a glass bottom in which you will swim and consider bright fish, reefs and unique corals. This trip will make an unforgettable impression on you.

Tioman transport features

Taxi: Taxi runs throughout the resort, about the route Departure and price for travel should be negotiated in advance

Buses: car rental: In the presence of driver’s license in the resort, you can rent a car

Airports: You can get to Ticomana on the plane from Kuala Lumpur and from Singapore.

Tioman, Malaysia Rest, Reviews, Hotels Tioman Travel Guide

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