Tiny life

Photographer from Ho Chi Minhina Chung High Fam removed the process of annual harvesting water lily. In the valley of the Mekong River in Vietnam, he continues all autumn. The collectors start working before dawn, and finish with the onset of darkness. First, they cut flowers from the roots, then collect them in one pile and fold on the rafts.

Especially beautiful the process looks from height. Stems water lily form bizarre patterns that change due to water flow. The picture is complemented by traditional tapeless hats Nonla.

For locals, the collection of water lily – this is an additional earnings. Flowers can be sold in the bazaar to create jewelry, and stalks that appear to spaghetti – for making tea. Than fresh stalks, the more tastier tea.

Juiding tea – not the only variety of drink. There are other quirks in the world. For example, salty tea or tea from melting glaciers. About the habit of ours drink tea with a sandwich we told in this material.

Kitwall without an umbrella

Meet this Kitrav. And right now he is very reminded of an ordinary citizen, which in the autumn came out of the house without an umbrella. Well, we wish him to find the shelter.

Kitoglava has another, more majestic name – the royal heron. True, it is very important in Russia. For example, in German and in English, our hero will be "booting flow". How could you guess all the wines of the beak.

Royal Heron has one of the most massive beaks among birds. Its form compare with a wooden shoe. It was called in Kit-eyed because of the uncharacteristic for birds features: the head in diameter is comparable to the sizes of the body. Whale head can be up to a third of the length of the whole body.

By the way, you knew why birds hide their head under the wing and why dyatlov did not hurt a head?

Go Flood

In 1924, Parisians were used to combat flood … Chairs. No, they did not try to prevent it with furniture. Chairs have become one of the ways of movement on the ground that water hid.

Tiny life

From flooding Parisians saved all January. Rainy autumn 1923 and severe sediments in the winter caused the rise of water in Seine to 7.3 m. This is one of the largest floods in the history of Paris. The strongest happened in the winter of 1910. Then the water level in the river rose to 8.68 m.

How with floods cope in the modern world, "My Planet" showed in this photo specification. Also see what shelters and bunkers built the countries of the world to protect people from various disasters.

Tree in "Rocket"

No more shovel, buckets and supranted backs. It turned out that there is a special car for the transplantation of trees.

The unit is equipped with a "culley" consisting of a shovel. They fall into the ground to the depth of up to 2 m, climb, fashioning and raising a tree to the surface. In the cluster closer look like a rocket nose. When the tree got out of the ground, it can be turned over for transportation in a horizontal position. Three, two, one, start! The tree was delivered to the right place and landed it again with the help of "claw".

If you think about, it is possible to bring trees to the office, then it seems possible. At least the option to work surrounded by trees a couple of years ago offered in the US.

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