Tingwell National Park

In 930, the local parliament was founded in Iceland, which became the first national assembly and existed until 1798. It was solved not only by common questions, but all that the Icelandic state concerned about the. In fact, it became the birth and the first manifestation of a democratic system in Iceland.

At the site of the assembly there were also 50 stone and peat shelters. Now there is spread out Tingwell National Park, Which today is one of the most important attractions of Iceland, and a favorite place to visit tourists. You can get to this place from the center of Reykjavik, Sitting to the BSI terminal bus, following in the southwest direction from Tingwellir.

The valley on which the Tingwell National Park is located near the largest lake in the country – Tingwadlava. It is at this place that the connection of two lithospheric plates is held – North American and Eurasian. The inhabitants have a glorious joke about this. They argue that the border between «European» and «American» Part of the population.

Tingwellir National Park Sights Reykjavik Tour Profit Guide

If you are lucky, visiting the Tingwell National Park, you can literally feel the movement of the Earth.

It is very strange that the choice of the place of assembly of the ancient ancestors of Icelanders fell on it, although beautiful, but seismically unstable.

Tingwellir National Park Sights Reykjavik Tour Profit Guide

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