"Tinder-Surfing" – a young guy uses a mobile application for dating, not to pay for hotels

Anthony Botta actively used the Tinder app to meet new girls in his city. Once he came to mind a completely crazy idea – to get acquainted through the app with a girl from another country to stay from her to spend.

The idea with the application succeeded. Thanks to its scheme, the tricky Belgian visited 20 European cities and met 21 girls. Not in the same city he did not pay for housing.

"Master of dating" called his triper-surfing travel scheme by analogy with Couchsurfing. All his trips and dating, he documes in Instagram and YouTube.

Anthony tells that far from always his journey was positive. Sometimes they ended in a real nightmare: he was expelled, beat, and sometimes even cursed. But in just two months, the guy was able to visit the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Anthony quite often gets a refusal, but he does not lose and always finds where to stay. According to the Belgian, he has absolutely illuminated standards, the main thing is that with the girl you could have fun and talk.

Traveler admits that sometimes his dates ended in a bed. However, he is still a single and looking for love, and next year he plans to go to New Zealand. In his opinion, there are a woman there much "liberally".

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