Abbey St.Augustine

In County, Kent, in the town called Canterbury is located Abbey St.Augustine. According to the chronicler of William Thorny, who lived at the end of the 18th century, it was founded in 598.The creator of the abbey was the first Canterbury Archbishop of Augustine, in honor of which it got its name. From the very first points of the foundation, this place was intended for the burial of the kings and archbishops of Canterbury. Preserved up to date burial attract crowds of tourists.

As for the architectural style, it is known that at the end of the century, by order of the Archbishop of Dongstan, the initial English-Saxon buildings were replaced by the construction in the Romanesque style. In the XIII – XIV centuries. In the overall picture of the abbey of.Augustine fits many gothic buildings.

In the territory of the abbey was the oldest royal school and the library, the fund of which was more than 2000 books.

Tina's Abbey Attractions Canterbury Tour Profit Guide

By decree of Heinrich VIII during the Great Reformation, the abbey was dissolved and began to rebuild under the Palace for Anna Klevskaya. In 19V. Actively began to take measures to preserve the abbey and its restoration.

Currently, the abbey of.Augustine listed on the World Heritage List and is under the protection of UNESCO.

Tina's Abbey Attractions Canterbury Tour Profit Guide

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