Tin: Ski french resort

The Ski Resort Tin (France) attracts lovers of mountain descents from around the world with their clean white snow and thoughtful infrastructure. Resort works all year round. Not only tourists come here, Tin &# 8211; This is the venue of annual competitions of professional athletes. World Level Competitions are held here. There are all the conditions for this here: Three hundred kilometers of trails and one hundred lifts made by the latest technology.

Ski descents in Tin &# 8211; it is always unforgettable feelings, because during skiing Gorgeous mountain views of the Northern Alps. The main infrastructure here was created even at the beginning of the sixties, and since then it is constantly being upgraded. Tin contains several resort centers, the oldest of which is the resort Tin Le Nak. The resort is located &# 8220; Stone bag&# 8221;, It is surrounded by mountains with perfect conditions for descent. One of the mountain slopes here is crowned here by the famous Glacker Grand Mott, climb on the tops of which with the help of the lift, of course, is quite possible in seven minutes. Only high-speed modern lifts applies to the resort.

With accommodation in Tin problems will not arise. Here are 26 Hotels, Where you can feel comfortable and maintaining the highest level. If you prefer a home environment, you can easily stay in private apartments that are in large quantities here. They can accommodate up to thirty thousand people.

Today in France, and in other places where ski resorts are located, There is an acute competition that constantly spurs the owners of the resort zones to modernize the ski slopes and the rest structure. Therefore, the tracks are at the highest technical level, which is constantly improving. In case the snow fell not enough, snow guns are used here, helping to improve the state of the snowy mass. Lifting tourists on the tracks are carried out by ninety lifts.

Tin ski french resort

so, Rest in Tin is possible year-round, But the main season begins at the very end of autumn. Magnificent snow cover on the tracks here is always guaranteed, and meanwhile, not all ski resorts can boast. The magnificent snow cover here is ensured by artificially increasing the snow mass and the fact that Tin is located high in the mountains, it is more than three thousand meters.

So if you wanted to feel unforgettable feelings from skiing and admire unforgettable mountainous species, visit the Tin Ski Resort. France will be glad to you!

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