Times Square in New York

Times Square is "Crossroads of the World", How to call him a symbol of New York and America itself. It accommodates many shops, cafeterias, restaurants, cinemas and many other entertainment facilities.

Statistics say that Times Square is one of the most visited places in the world, for Tens of millions of people Every year they come to look at the beauty of New York life from the inside. Every day there are more than 350 thousand pedestrians, 120 thousand drivers and about 170 thousand workers.


Previously, this area was called otherwise. In 1904, New York Times decided to postpone his department to another building, asking the mayor Build a metro station, giving her name "Times Square". After some time, the area was solemnly renamed, this was the mayor himself. And after 20 days, the first electronic advertising sign was attached to the wall of the bank.

The newspaper in 1913 moved to another room, and the old one was renamed, now it is known as "Times Square, 1". In the same year, when it happened, the entrepreneur from the famous company decided to hold The longest road in the USA, Choosing this intersection. The street had a length of 5,500 kilometers from the coast, covering 13 states.

The district began to develop rapidly after the First World War, he became Center for entertainment: Theaters, musical halls, hotels. He became a place where you could get together with friends or family, discuss interesting news, celebrate an increase or victory of the favorite football team. Significantly increased prices for advertising banners, from 20s to 80s and million dollars in 10 years. Some critics hated advertising on electronic banners, but in 1923, thanks to this advertising, one director Inspired to the creation Some gloomy movie.


In the period from the 1930s to the 1950s in Times Square were not the best times. Great depression began. Many theaters closed, on their place organized borsals and salons. Most people moved to the city center, where there were cheaper accommodation. The area began to call unfavorable. Every year, people dropped the ball from the skyscraper, it was on New Year’s Eve. But during World War II, when we had to save in the world, the tradition was banned. Instead, only silence was heard, which sometimes interrupted the truck, a signal to someone.


Starting from the 1960s, the thought of Times Square was formed in New York – This is the most dirty and opposite area of ​​the city. It happened because sex shops opened, bars, pip shows, and many other adult entertainment. The area was shown in the "midnight cowboy," saying that it is a despair, dirt and gloomily district. After 10 years, the situation only worsened. The number of crimes increased greatly. Robberies, murder, rape – all this reigned on the streets of Times Square. More than 2 thousand recorded cases of violation of the law. And in some theaters even showed pornography.

Times Square in New York

Police are strongly suppressed. The Commissioner said that in these difficult times it is necessary to help each other, maintain and most importantly – do not risk. Employees began to raise less frequently, ignore some minor violations in order to avoid serious consequences.


1990s – these are years of change in good direction. A group of people who raised quality, the level of trade, while fought with mud on the streets. New mayor ordered Strengthen the safety of citizens, Increase housing prices and build new buildings. The theaters with pornography closed, reduced the number of crimes and made the reconstruction of some premises. Created Many new attractions, who attracted tourists. The Walt Disney has concluded a contract with the government, took a department where the theater was previously. After that, a huge set of companies known now, signed an agreement with the authorities. After time, Times Square began to shine from advertising banners of different campaigns and firms. Residents with a small salary and bad reputation left away.


The area began to hold major events. All important and unimportant space of the premises began to restore. Times Square literally bloomed, Acquired new paints. People massively moved live there, or just earned money there.

Times Square in New York

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