Timer’s chariot on Italy roads

Our generation was lucky, for the first time he to cross the border of the millennium. The whole world is waiting for this event with excitement and impatience. Italians, with having temperament and emotion and emotion, have long been preparing for this holiday. New hotels and metro lines are being built. It is assumed that millions of tourists and pilgrims are supplied to the two thousand years of the anniversary of the Nativity. After all, December 24 in the capital of the Christian world, the Vatican, Pope solemnly will open the sacred gate of St. Peter’s Cathedral. It happens once every 50 years in the days of canonization, or councils to the saints. Those who are lucky enough to go through these gates will receive a complete vacation of sins.

But they go to Italy not only for the blessing. Fifty million tourists coming here every year. They want to see the original painting, architecture and sculptures of the brilliant craftsmen of Renaissance – Leonardo and Rafael, Michelangelo and Botticelli, and also touch the Great Roman and Ancient History. Today she has already entered the World "Golden Foundation". Italians are proud of their past and carefully keep his masterpieces, traditions and legends. They have something to leave the future generation. Traveling in Italy on the eve of the third millennium is symbolic and acquires a deep philosophical meaning.

A truly meeting place of ancient civilizations is considered to be South Italy. This wonderful corner is called the Tyrrhenian Sea "Happy campaign". Like necklaces, spread out on the shores of the Mediterranean Naples and Sapperno, Pestum and Agropoli, Amalfi and Ravello, where history and modernity, myths and reality are harmoniously intertwined. Here is not so noisy and crowded, soft climate, the sun is brighter, water is blue and cleaner, the vegetation is lush, and the people are more fun. It is said that it was in these places a legend was born, having felt by Homer in "Odyssey" about beautiful sirens and ulum.

"See Naples and die" says old italian proverb. Southern Capital – Rome Rome, She has more than 2,000 years.

It is located on the shore of the Naples Bay, on three hills. Magic look opens from the sea: the rays of the sun generously illuminate the gear towers, the outgoing gothic facades, in luxury, drowning mansions. All coast "Usedo" Medieval fortresses and castles, cathedrals and monasteries, royal palaces and villas. As vision, you will pop up in front of us images of Dzhotto, sonnets Petrarca, Novel Bokcchchko. They lived here and worked.

Yazhne – People Freedom-loving. But, despite this, Norman and Byzantines, Austrians and Spaniards, even the French ruled in Naples. Only starting from the XII century, there were eight ingenic kings and emperors. To remember the people about it, their statues have been established in the niches of the Royal Palace. All rulers left their mark in the appearance of the city, the architectural styles of the West and East intertwined in it.

For example, Wilhelm 1 built a medieval fortress, a configuration resembling an egg. This is not by chance. According to the legend Vergil, the fate of Naples is connected with the enchanted egg, hidden in the place where the castle was built. Residents believed that while the egg is not broken, the castle is not to be destroyed. When excavations, the eggs did not find it, but, like Naples, the castle proudly stands in its place. Powerful fortress walls are covered by the most ancient area of ​​the city – the port of Santa Lucia. True, today there are more restaurants than fishing boats. It is not surprising, because it is here on her villa a great Roman commander and gourmet arranged fabulous "Lukulles pions". Go to one of these restaurants. The owner will arrange such a feast you did not even dream of Lukulla.

But the Frenchman Bourbon on one of the hills built a palace Capodimont.

This is a kind of small Versailles, reminding him of Paris. In it, he posted his unique collection of ancient and renaissance art. Goethe was amazed by the magnificence of this pinkotek, her masterpieces look and you. And then stroll through the Palace Park and imagine yourself a noble lady or brave cavalier of the Royal Court, admire the panorama of the Naples Bay. Bourbon themselves admired her.

At the request of the same Neapolitan king, theater was founded "San Carlo". He was built before Milane "La Scala". "When you enter the theater, it seems that I got into the Palace of the Eastern Emperor. In the whole of Europe there is nothing like", – wrote Standal. This is one of the best theaters of Italy, Donizetti, Rossini, Bellini operas were installed in it. Scarlatti created a non-recolitan opera school here, the Great Enrico Caruso debuted on this scene.

What there is ingenes?! Was at the bay "master". Just if he was angry, he did not regret anyone, spoke all. This is the famous Vesuvius, majestically contemplating city from top to bottom. Other acting volcanoes are on the islands, as, for example, Etna in Sicily, and this one settled on the mainland. Tasty today, he in 79.NS. erased from the face of the city of the city, located at his foot. Pompeii, Herculane and Staby were covered with rain from stones and ashes. Most residents died from suffocation, some managed to escape. Since then, the volcano awakened 15 times, last in 1944. But, despite this, residents do not want to leave his native land because because of the abundance of volcanic ash, it is so fertile. The mental state of Vesuvius is now under the constant observation of volcanologists.

Visiting Pompeii, Goethe wrote: "Many misfortunes happened in the world, but only a few of them deliver such joy to descendants". The excavations produced opened about 2 \ 1343 territory of the city, sometimes it seems that he is ready to accept residents. And, it is necessary to think that in this anniversary Christmas visitors there is a lot of pleasant surprises. Enders of thrill will be offered to climb Vesuvius. Have you ever seen such a huge crater volcano? Its height and length of the circumference more than a kilometer. Here once hid from the persecution of Spartak..

Saint with two persons

Each city in Italy has their own patron. In Naples – Yanuaria, in Amalfi – Andrei, Salerno come to worship Saint Matvey. In the iconography it is depicted by two. Only here you can see such a saint. It is justified, as the city of Salerno also has two faces. In this duality his charm.

One face – coast with modern hotels, drowning in citrus groves, as well as the outskirts of the city with wide streets and modern buildings. Second – center with narrow medieval streets and architectural monuments with a 25-century history. This is a unique and endless open-air museum with incredible treasures of churches and cathedrals. Among them, the cathedral with the frescoes of the XI century and the Romanesque bell tower. If you get to the Cathedral for Christmas, you will see it in all the magnificence. Italians have not only a family, but also a religious holiday. Many of them will come to service on this day. According to the tradition of Christmas in the central neophas of the cathedral, the scene is established, called "Pezzolly", where the action is unfolding on the biblical plot "Worship of Magi". Masters-artists manufacture Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus for this. Sometimes this is a real work of art.

Translated from Italian Salerno – "sunny Beach". In this word, a double meaning is concluded. Sunny not only nature, but also culture. Of particular interest is the history of the city in the period "The second golden century", The principality of Salerno began in 847. The development of culture at that time did not have equal. His right called "City of Hippocrata". It was here that there was a bannyal Salernitrian Medical School. As the legend says, it was created by Greek, Roman, Jew and Arab.

On the one hand, Salerno – city of art, on the other – industrial and commercial center. Therefore, not only festivals are held here, but also traditional exhibition fairs, which have a thousand-year history. For residents and guests of the city – this is a real holiday. Holiday with tastings of famous Italian wines and cheeses, with concerts and demonstrations of fashionable open areas, with carnival processions, on which you will meet and the valiant knight, and the monk-Crusader, and a skilled citizen-artisan, that is almost all heroes "Decameron" Bokcchchcho, no wonder his many novel unfolds in these places.

And in the evening, at sunset, relax in one of the restaurants on the Trieste embankment, with the most beautiful palm trees of Italy, taste the local cuisine or drink a cup of strong coffee in Salernatinisky. And then catch the quiet streets with their unique shops and shops. How to leave Salerno without souvenirs and christmas gifts? And they can be magnificent vintage wines, famous "Chianti" Or Liquors, Neapolitan Porcelain "Capodimonte" or hand-painted coastal fauins, famous corals and cameras Torre del Greek, and, in addition, fashionable clothes, shoes and fabrics from the Motherland Versace and Valentina. By the way, shopping in Italy is good to do in the last month of the season. Discounts can reach 90%.

Salerno not only two faces, but also two shores. One of them is Chilento, the southern part of the province, just a small earthly paradise, reliable shelter from stress. Avoiding mass tourism, which is often destructive, the beauty of this corner on the eve of 2000 remained untouched. Rivers, carpets of Mediterranean forests, mountain arrays and agricultural plantations. Transparent, pure, replete fish. All this laying day preserves a virgin charm.

What left Argonauts

Timer's chariot on Italy roads

To these shores more than 2,000 years ago, the legendary ship moored "Argo". In the center of the swampy area rumped up a rocky platform, on which the Argonauts began to build a city. They dedicated this place to Poseidon, God of the Seas. Soon Poseidonia has become rich and prosperous thanks to its location near the coast and trading relationship with Etrusca. But the Romans won the Greeks and founded the Latin colony, named Pestum. They built ambitious buildings, terms, forums and theaters. For new owners, agriculture and maritime trade worked here. Products from Pestum, Fresh vegetables and cheeses, went to Rome every day. And from the Greeks there are three magnificent Doric Temple, dedicated to the assumption of archaeologists, the goddesses of Athens and her.

Path to the heart of a man

Away from the fuss well relax in the agropoli. Here are cozy hotels with pools, sports halls and venues. Since this is an agricultural area, the products are brought directly from the farm and prepare organically clean dishes. And what kind of wine the owners treat!

Southerners are famous for hospitality and generosity. The classic set of Italian dishes, which is served for lunch, are snacks: Mozzarella (very gentle cheese, made from buffalo milk), Anchovies and sausage. On the second – paste. This magical word is called an unimaginable amount of macaroni, which have hundreds of names and taste differences. Their creators are Italian manufacturers, Lord Makarone, Vermicelli, Ravioli. The paste is abundantly squeezed by sauce and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese, such a dinner is simply unthinkable without wine, which is served in excess. The meal ends with a very tasty lemon liqueur "Lemoncello", Which promotes digestion. The birthplace of large delicious lemons, from which this drink makes, the Amalfi coast.

Love at first sight

Second coast – Amalfitan coast, where the boats and boats are saved from his port Salerno. Amalfi. Lifting terraces over blue, turquoise, emerald sea, he fascinates and manit. Embedding houses in the rocks and erecting cathedrals, as if floating around the water, nature itself seems to cause a person-architect. And wins! Amalfitans are proud of their city. Founded by the Romans, he was the first marine republic of Italy. After falling the Roman Empire Amalfi, the first restored the relationship between East and West, imported into the country Exotic products: carpets, spices, coffee, paper. Even their own coins were minted here – Tari. Amalfi – Motherland Flavio Joya – Compass inventor and famous "Amalfitanian tables" – Law for Marithels. Witness of the Glorious Past – Cathedral of the VI century. Lifting up a majestic staircase, as if immerse yourself in the depths of centuries, feeling like a pilgrim, going to the tomb of the Holy Apostle Andrei, who is dedicated to the Cathedral. In difficult moments, the patron of the city has always saved the city: storms poemed, the enemies retreated. Andrei’s relics are in front of the temple altar. They were delivered here by crusaders crusaders from Constantinople, as a sign of gratitude for the participation of the inhabitants of Amalfi in the IV crusade. There is a belief that those who visited the tomb heralds from all ailments.

Rest in Amalfi prestigious. On the hills, among citrus groves, celebrity villas are located. Hollywood stars and famous politicians come here. There were a few happy days of the wife of Kennedy, Sophie Lauren and Carlo Ponti.

Sleep or vision?

Magic, the pearl of the Amalfi coast – Ravelo city. In the form of seashells, degraded with the colors of Mediterranean and exotic plants, rise his houses. From a height of 400 meters above sea level, the most beautiful in Italy sea landscape. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ravell literally defeated Giovanni Bokcachcho and Richard Wagner and played the role of muses in their fate. Once in it rich Romans rested. Villa Rufolo, one of the most noble rich of Italy, is similar to the Eastern Palace. They say that the Muslim atmosphere has always reigned in it. Tropical and stock colors grew in her gardens. Glorified this villa Wagner. Her garden became a magic garden and a dream knight, the hero of the opera "Parsifal". In memory of this, the Wagner Festival of Symphonic Music comes here every year, the best performers take part in it. This corner seemed to be created for lovers. Here, in Ravello, came to relax Greta Garbo with his beloved Leopold Stakovsky.

Over the centuries, the city keeps its medieval monuments. One of them is a cathedral with a unique Byzantine mosaic. Invaluable historical treasures and sea landscapes attract tourists from all over the world.

Making a trip to southern Italy on the eve of the new millennium, you will long leave this amazing edge in your heart and the Happy World: MiG between the past and the future.

Timer's chariot on Italy roads

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