Time to take a bath

In former times, decent people were taken in winter on the water. In Russia, frosts crack, the snow creaked under his feet and frozen on the fly. And here, on the eastern outskirts of the German Empire, beautifully dressed gentlemen committed a promenade along the gallery with thermal sources, and evenings were going to listen to a new Symphony of the Dvoraik in the concert hall.

Since then, much has changed. In winter under his feet sludge, and few people can afford for a whole winter to break away from. But two weeks on the eastern outskirts of the European Union – still a fashionable solution for those who really want to relax!

According to the legend, humanity is obliged to their most exquisite resort to Emperor Karl IV, who loved the Czech Republic very much. In the XIV century, he even suffered the capital of the Sacred Roman Empire in Prague. Hunting in Czech forests, the emperor accidentally opened the valley of hot springs. According to one version, the deer expiring with blood hung to the source, after a few minutes jumped out from there completely healthy and died from hunters. On the other, the carla dog fell into the water, wounded by the wap, and also healed in front of her eyes. The third option states that Karl himself accidentally climbed into the lake with hot water and healed the sore knee.

Valley of Geysers

The heat river (warm) flows through a narrow valley, surrounded by low sacred mountains.

Landscape idyllic, but under it is hiding one of the most grandiose geological faults of Western Europe – the Karlovyary thermal stove. By the number of hot and racks per square meter, the valley of heat is inferior only to Iceland and New Zealand – they are here 134! On this river there is a beautiful and all of the air town of Karlovy Vary, in the past – Karlsbad. These 12 sources of valleys are focused here, which are recognized as healing.

The main source of the valley and the resort is a real geyser. He is called – Luggidl (Geyser). Lochell fits in the air of a 14-meter jet of very hot water (73 ° C), spewing 2000 liters per minute. It is clear that in this state you will not come to him, so the grated water from Lugidla is going to five stone bowls. The rest of eleven sources are, strictly speaking, branch from the main geyser. Therefore, the chemical composition of the whole "Karlovar dozen" same. Different temperature and saturation of carbon dioxide.

The powerful walk from the source to the source, from the colonnade to the colonnade sets the rhythm of the resort life. This is an excursion, a walk and treatment at the same time. Each source has a name, its own character and its fate. For example, a 50-degree market source struggles with a 60-degree source of Karl IV for the title of the one where the emperor treated his legs. In the mill source used to bathe, and now its water goes to export and sell it worldwide. Rus Malochy (the old name – new) was recognized by the reception of the famous Karlovyan doctors … You will get used to walking around the city with a plastic cup and learn to distinguish and discuss thin differences in taste and exposure to Libushin and Rock, Garden and Freedom. This driver is treated with diabetes and obesity, diseases of the joints and loose nerves. Cold successfully for 600 years.

Blood baths

With the blessing of Emperor Charles in "Karlovy Bathing" Began to pass patients and weak from the whole German Empire. Treatment then was cruel. Patients were asked as long as possible in the water saturated with minerals and gases. After a few hours of lying in the skin, cracks were formed, of which blood was sought. Patients suffered, but rejoiced, believing that it was through these cracks from the body.

In the XVII century it was decided that the water is better to take inside. But in huge quantities – up to 70 cups per day! Such a method of treatment was called "Pyramidal". Sometimes he led to death. It is not surprising that 250-300 years ago, before a trip for treatment in Karlsbad, a good tone was considered to be a testament – just in case. Today everything is not so scary. Pearl, dry carbon dioxide or herbal baths are accepted no longer than 20 minutes. Drinking water is still an important part of the treatment, but today it is furnished simply: poured and drank. But in former times, this procedure was a real secular round.

They drank water Peter and Pavlov

Previously, the glory of Karlovy Var was two types of visitors – to know and people art. Among the first – Empress Maria Teresia and Ethiopian Emperor Sellasi, Mittern and Bismarck, Eduard VII English and Persian Shah. Ten years ago, the resort was visited by the Japanese Priesses, and since then many Japanese. Not to mention princes, graphs and princes of blood. In the second group – Goethe, Bach and Beethoven, Schiller and Chopin, Wagner and Kafka. Since the last century, the resort has become popular with the movie Star. Mary Picford and Douglas Ferbenks, Claudia Cardinal and Gina Lollobrigid, Pierre Rishar and Michael here come here with pleasure.

As for compatriots – this is a separate article. First arrived here, of course, Peter I. Since then, one of the elevations over the city wears his name – the emperor on the dispute drove there on a horse without a saddle. And in the town of Brřesov, he, apparently, also on the dispute, forged the rod and horseshoe. As evidenced by a memorial plaque. After creative work, Gogol, Batyushkov, Zhukovsky, Turgenev, Alexey Tolstoy were restored here. In Soviet times, the tradition was not interrupted: Physiologist Pavlov (the one that he lied a light bulb), Yuri Gagarin, Marshals and party figures were here. True, after the events of 1968, the flow from the USSR slightly decreased, but for several years already gained strength. We love again, although not so disinterestedly.

Chief Physician Resort

Among the many high-profile names there are one that the parlears are proud of simply desperately and pronounce it with a special prosperity. This is David Behecher, local medical luminous. Becher’s tireless researcher studied and described the properties of the Karlovy waters, reorganized the local, and then European hydro. It was he who turned balneology from torture to pleasure. He also owns the method of proper water whitening: small sips, on the go, at sunrise or at sunset.

Becher’s name (in Czech Becherov) is named and famous "Thirteenth Source" Karlsbad – strong (38 degrees) liquor on herbs. His recipe was at the beginning of the XIX century one of the descendants of David Becher – Yang. Complicated beverage composition – 20 herbs! – for a long time kept secret, but in 1945 he became the property of the state. But cook the real "Becherovka" You can only in Karlovy Vary, on local thermal water.

PUPP and others

There are no nameless buildings in Karlovy Vary. Asking the address, be prepared that you will be sent to the lane between "White eagle" (Do not confuse with "Black eagle", he is completely different) and "Giraffe". Want to look at the resort of the resort of Dr. Becher? In him, by the way, the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud lived and the father of the scientific communism Karl Marx. This house is called "Golden key", And not at all "In three fathers", How to think. Near – House "Minuet", There is still home "Beethoven", But Beethoven did not live in it – he stayed in "God’s Oce", On the site of which the Grand Hotel is now. There is a memorial plaque!

At first, the naming of the houses is confusing. You seem to be played, especially if you are from New York, where there are no names from New York … But after a couple of days you will penetrate the sentimental charm of the place and the new designation system will seem completely natural. Karlovarskaya water and atmosphere First of all destroys skepticism. True, a little dull sense of humor.

In the title of its most famous hotel – Grand Hotel "PUPP" – Trusty burers do not see anything funny. PUPP is the surname of Konderizer, who at the end of the XVIII century successfully married a rich beauty. Already the next year after marriage, he bought at the city the hall of the local noble assembly. Several junctions, partitions, bathrooms – and now the hotel "PUPP" opened the door before visitors. For several generations of Puppov, the hotel turned into a Grand Hotel.

Time to take a bath

V "Puppe" Traditionally, the royal people and the strong world of this, here – the center of all secular and cultural events. Karlovarians love their city and each of his homes individually, they relate to them as living beings.

But on the buildings of the socialist era of sympathy does not apply. Most complaints cause a sanatorium "Thermal". Perhaps he really spoils the view of the hill "Three crosses" with a pretty vertex called "Hanging". But "Thermal" famous for the outdoor pool with thermal water cut down in the rock. It can even swim in it in winter and look at the city from top to bottom.

The capital of secular life

Carlsbad never was just a waterproof. Since the XVIII century, people went there not only to relax, but also disperse. The trend has been preserved, and the entertainment has changed. Two centuries ago, vacationers were going to listen to Goethe read excerpts from her poems, went to the opera. Today, festivals are held in Karlovy Vary.

The most famous – International Film Festival – is held in July and attracts a lot of people from all over Europe. These days, the powerful rhythm of the life of the city is briefly violated. Everyone is moving out of the cinema in the cinema, celebrate the movies of the movies that need to be viewed, and movies that would be good to look at, stand in the queues, drink beer … that is characteristic, the accelerated pace and turmoil do not entail nervousness and bite. Everything is still miles with each other, and it is this universal fraternal love most surprising guests from Russia.

Pass in Karlovy Vary and several music festivals: in May – Jazz and Mozartovsky (and what, that the composer who deceased in Karlsbad in.A. Mozart is not the one that Salieri poisoned, the city still feels astral relationship with genius Wolfgang Amadeu!). In August – the festival of old music, performed only on vintage instruments, and the youth festival. In September – Festival of tourist films. In November – Vocal Competition "Karlovar Autumn Dvorzaka". And in January, the holiday season officially opens and pass the Karlovarian days of Balneology, which moves the luminaries of world medicine.

Quiet joy

What to do in Karlovy Vary in those rare moments when cultural and secular life does not hit the key? After you walked around the colonnades, climbed local waffles (in the past times, they were so great that Carlsbad became the official supplier of waffles to the Imperial Yard of Germany and Austria-Hungary), made an uncommon shopping, go to master the surroundings.

For lazy – right for "PupPom" Landing on the funicular to the top of friendship. There from the observation deck or from the veranda of the same name cafe "Diana" You can admire the city, the valley of the river and the Slavkovsky forest, according to which not such lazy vaccines walking. I want to expand – go for a day trip: hung, automotive or bus. Group excursions are ordered at the hotel "Split", But most take a car for rent. Fans of antiquities go to the city of Lake, Cheb or warmth, preserved the vintage buildings and castles. Curious – in Frantichkov or Mariana Lazni – also popular water and mud resorts. By the way, in Frantičkov Lazne there is a famous bronze sculpture of a boy to which women who want to get pregnant. She is polished to shine.

In the city, of course, there is a bowling, and tennis, and a golf course, and even a racetrack. V "Puppe" And in the imperial climbing there is a casino. And city restaurants. For brewing, which Karlovy Vary is just paradise, recommended "Schwejka" and "Small Versailles". For love of thin cuisine and sophisticated Series – "Promenade". For lovers of species – cafe "Saint Lingart" in the resort forest and "Svyatosh Rock".

Prices in Karlovyan restaurants are not just moderate, but very moderate. All this together – nature, air, architecture, kitchen, smiles of citizens and satisfied holidaymakers, and most importantly – water beating from the depths of the earth, in two weeks guaranteed to turn the city neuroticism with experience in a cute and balanced person, ready to enjoy life in all Her manifestations.

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