Time to live and travel time. Chapter 8

I leased from Varkala as well as came — through trivandrum by bus. For some reason, I fell in love with these bus trips, although unsafe, extremely, but interesting.

Unlike trains, buses pass through the busiest places in cities and you can see the essence of their lives. It is very informative and gives a lot of food for reflection.

Trains are often followed through the jungle, fields and deserts, where the same type of landscape may not change in days and you just sit and tupit.

Of course, if you are in the total wagon of the 3rd grade, then you are waiting for a lot of fun on the road, but you will not be able to see the city from the inside, only at the stations, but it is not that.

By the way, I preferred the cheapest view of buses, in which there is not enough that there is no air conditioner and fans, so still trouble and windows. Rather, there is a window, but without glasses, so the buses are constantly draft, but it is very by the way if on the street +35.

Another plus in favor of buses is that the passengers here are not so much defended their right to place, unlike trains, where every regiment on the account and the struggle for them begins on the platform.

So my advice to you — Try any available mode of transport in India to find exactly yours and let it be not just comfortable there, but also interesting.

Personally, I have a trip in the buses presented an unforgettable set of emotions and memories.

Sometimes after such a trip, my face was black from the soot and dust from the roads. In addition, it was covered with a bright red tan from what is the whole day in the sun, looking out the window. I say, unforgettable!

Meanwhile, on arrival in Trivandrum this morning, I moved to the park, which was near the zoo. There I slept a little on the bench, snapped fresh by fried peanuts, as well as a pair of pellek and decided that it would be nice to get to the airport on foot, at the same time I once again I got the city as a time and time it was time, since it was still 6 from my flight to Delhi Even hours.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 8

Motoriksha drove to me halfway and her driver offered to take me, but I said that I walk on foot, I was riding time, and he said that he would take free, he just wants to bring someone. Here I agreed.

I told him a little about my journey, and he complained that he was a little cold. So we went and, indeed, he was not going to take money from me. A good fellow man, so South India said goodbye to me.

I had to fly out of the trivandrum in Delhi, but I didn’t seem to be a mistake terminal. Instead of international, from where my flight should fly — arrived in the local, and between them 7 km by bypass road.

But I did not upset, and besides, it turned out that in front of the local terminal there is a famous beach and a fishing village, where I went on foot.

There on the beach I managed to talk with a fisherman, to walk around the fish market, and after, moved towards the desired terminal.

Another 3 hours before the flight, which means you can sleep and relax from the road. For this day I drove 70 km at the crossbars and another kilometers on foot.

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